29 Values Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

29 Values Quotes

Here is our collection of powerful and meaningful Values Quotes.

We each live by our own set of values in life, it’s what helps us with decision making and what generally guides us through every day.Inevitably our values will naturally change in life but it is important to stick to our values as long as they are positive. Maintaining good core values in life is the key to living happily, and authentically.

Values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose. Recruiter Journal

  1. Values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose.
    Recruiter Journal
    Purpose Quotes
  2. Our values are like points on a compass. If you were lost and had a compass, you could use it to see if you were, in fact, moving in the direction you wanted to be.
    Robert D. Zettle, ACT for Depression
    Inspirational Quotes
  3. When our behavior is in line with our governing values, we experience inner peace.
    Hyrum W. Smith, What Matters Most
    Inner Peace Quotes
  4. At different phases of your life your priorities will shift, but your values will always be there to guide you.
    Tamara Loehr, Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.
    Priorities Quotes
  5. Figuring out your core values will help give you direction and keep you moving toward what is important to you.
    Alissa Rumsey, Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life
    Looking Forward
  6. Not enough emphasis is placed on the value of experiencing the journey, building character, and learning life lessons along the way.
    Jim Donovan, Happy at Work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful
  7. Without values, life becomes a series of meaningless events, and death a shattering experience.
    Dr. M. Soundararajan, Values of College Students with Reference to Some Selected Variables
  8. Vision is a manifestation of values. Vision makes values real.
    Matthew R. Fairholm, Putting Your Values to Work
    Vision Quotes
  9. Our values are the principles for living that we take seriously enough to practice.
    Amy Bailey, ‎Liz Stubbs, Maximize Your Values
    Practice Quotes
  10. By understanding what our most important values are, we can build a life around the kind of life that we want to live.
    Derek Hagen, Your Money, Your Values, and Your Life
    Understanding Quotes
  11. Your fundamental values are ideas you need to carry with you, in your head and heart; if there are too many to immediately remember, then they can’t matter enough to you.
    Mandeep Rai, The Values Compass
    Quotes About Ideas
  12. Having true integrity means that you always live and act consistently with your values.
    Brian Tracy, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
    Integrity Quotes
  13. Clarifying your values and attitudes is an important first step in moving toward developing a stress-resilient philosophy of life.
    Allen Elkin, Stress Management For Dummies
    Philosophy Quotes
  14. One way to choose what’s next in your life is to define your values.
    Dave Ellis, Becoming a Master Student: Concise
    Choices Quotes
  15. When your behavior is in line with your values, it is less of a struggle to achieve and maintain change.
    Joyce D. Nash, Lose Weight, Live Healthy
  16. I get to decide who I am and what my life is about, to set my own goals, and to follow my own values.
    Maggie Allison, Getting Your Emotional ACT Together
  17. The value of love brings sparkle and light to your life and to those closest to you.
    Gray Keller, Everyone Wants Your Money
  18. If we understand the values of those around us, this helps us to understand and manage their emotional responses.
    Lindsay West, Coaching with Values
  19. Values are the building blocks of your life and the framework by which you live.
    Tikiri Herath, Your Rebel Dreams: How to Discover Your Purpose and the Life You Desire
  20. Well, one of the beautiful things about values is we can choose them, right now, in this moment.
    Russ Harris, The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt
  21. Be honest with yourself and clarify your values.
    Eliminate Debt – Simply Living Debt Free
  22. Remember, your values are just that – YOUR values.
    Janis Wood Catano, ‎Canada. Health Canada, Working with Nobody’s Perfect
  23. Remember, your values must be meaningful to you. Your personal vision statement is the deepest expression of who you want to be.
    Chemical Engineering Progress
  24. Always be looking for ways to use your creativity to add value by doing things faster, better, cheaper, or easier in some way.
    Brian Tracy Goals!
  25. When we honor our values, we commit to actions that support our authentic selves.
    Cynthia Morris, Create Your Writer’s Life
  26. It requires courageous, well informed, and sensitive souls to appreciate the values of others.
    Joseph Harrison Jackson, Many But One
  27. Learning about your values will teach you what you’re made of and what kind of person you are.
    Tikiri Herath, The Rebel Diva Boxset
  28. Your values are powerful because they provide you with the clarity of mission and the resolve to be ever vigilant.
    Jim Taylor, Your Children Are Under Attack
  29. Go ahead and give what you can, but don’t compromise your values.
    Weekly World News – 31 Dec 1996

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