26 Modesty Quotes to Remind You Not To Boast: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

26 Modesty Quotes to Remind You Not To Boast

Modesty Quotes
Be inspired by our collection of Modesty Quotes. Modesty is a trait that we all should have a bit of, but try not to take it too far. I believe personally that if you are too modest then your great works will never be showcased, and the world will not know what you have done. Obviously, there is a fine line between pride in your work and boasting so be careful how far you venture down the pride path as too much is going to be harmful.

Throughout history the term modesty has been widely used against women, encroaching on the way they want to display their bodies. In modern times this is no longer acceptable and for good reason! A woman should be able to dress how they want, it is the other person’s problem if they don’t like it. Today we are doing away with harmful ideologies, and I completely support and appreciate the way society is heading in regards to a woman’s image. So these modesty quotes are about humility and understanding that boasting can be harmful to your career, so learning to balance pride with modesty is the way to go in modern times.

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    Everything that is exquisite hides itself.Joseph Roux

  1. Everything that is exquisite hides itself.
    Joseph Roux
    Short Inspirational Quotes
  2. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women and it’s not your place to tell her which one it is’
    Agnes Horvath, ‎Camil Francisc Roman, ‎Gilbert Germain, Divinization and Technology
    Different Quotes
  3. Modesty shines like a clean river, and everyone wants a swig from it.
    Vu Do, Blood for a Butcher and Other Septic Stories
    River Quotes
  4. True modesty shines like a lamp afar Among the vices of this dusky world, And is the very pattern of true worth.
    Charles Waddie, Plays and Poems
  5. Real modesty, however, is a constant and desirable quality. It is based not on fashion but on appropriateness.
    Wendy Shalit, A Return to Modesty
    Motivation Quotes
  6. Merit is nearly always accompanied by modesty.
    The Freemason’s Repository
  7. Nothing is more amiable than true MODESTY, and nothing is more contemptible than the false: The one guards Virtue, the other betrays it.
    Joseph Addison, Delphi Complete Works of Joseph Addison
    Betrayal Quotes
  8. Modesty is an ornament, yet people get on better without it.
    German Proverb
    Put Yourself First
  9. Modesty has no limit — the more the better
    Thomas V. Morris, God and the Philosophers
  10. Modesty is like the snow: when it melts it is gone forever. American Proverb

  11. Modesty is like the snow: when it melts it is gone forever.
    American Proverb
  12. We together must create a culture in which modesty flourishes. There must be a place where women are safe and accepted for who they are rather than for what they look like.
    R. Kent Hughes, Set Apart
  13. Haughtiness invites losses while modesty brings profits.
    Mun Kin-Chok, Chinese Leadership Wisdom from the Book of Change
    Chinese Proverbs
  14. I always believe that greatness comes with kindness, humility brings compassion, and modesty brings balance.
    Rashmi Bhola, Zafar Hussain
    Balance Quotes
  15. When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, she is beautiful as the stars of heaven.
    Richard Wiggins,The North American Spelling-book
  16. Nudity empowers some and modesty empowers others’
    Erika Alm, ‎Linda Berg, ‎Mikela Lundahl Hero, Pluralistic Struggles in Gender, Sexuality and Coloniality
    Words of Encouragement
  17. Modesty is humility expressed in dress.
    Patricia Raybon, The One Year God’s Great Blessings Devotional
  18. Lack of modesty breeds contempt.
    Dorothy Dunnett, Operation Nassau
  19. The greatest greatness and the greatest humility go hand in hand naturally and without effort.
    Naosherwan Anzar, The Beloved
    Effort Quotes
  20. Modesty. Growth. Achievement awaits the noble person.
    Stephanie Sandler, ‎Maria Khotimsky, ‎Margarita Krimmel, The Poetry and Poetics of Olga Sedakova
  21. Modesty, diffidence, and being reserved are good qualities, but only in personal relationships, not when it comes to marketing.
    Raghavendra Hunasgi, Unleashing Growth
    Motivational Quotes For Work
  22. Modesty has no limit — the more the better

  23. A person who is extremely modest can successfully cross big rivers.
    Chinese Proverb
    Quotes to Live By
  24. The reward for modesty and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.
    Jacob Neusner, The Talmud of the Land of Israel
  25. Courtesy matches water because of its humble modesty. Wisdom matches fire because of its brilliance.
    Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection
    Wisdom Quotes
  26. Nothing is more amiable than true modesty, and nothing more contemptible than the false.
    William Scott, Lessons in Elocution
    Be True To Yourself
  27. When you are modest, you can avoid misfortune; when you are respectful, others will love you; when you are loyal, others will stay with you; and, when you are trustworthy, others will rely on you.
    Liu Xiang, Garden of Eloquence / Shuoyuan
  28. Real modesty flows from the inside out, and in proportion to how much a person understands her own greatness and uniqueness.
    Wendy Shalit, A Return to Modesty

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