28 Butterfly Quotes: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

28 Butterfly Quotes

Be inspired by our collection of Butterfly Quotes. I think out of every insect in the animal kingdom; Butterflies have to be by far the most beautiful. My 4-year-old daughter loves them! I have taken her to many butterfly sanctuaries; It’s amazing that even from a young age the butterfly has a magnetic pull. They are without a doubt, nature’s greatest gift to our eyes. It’s crazy to think this beautiful creature started off as a caterpillar right?! That plump-looking worm-type thing with no wings endures a transformation like no other, which is symbolic to humans in more ways than one.

Did you know a butterfly only lives for 15 to 29 days? The poor little butterfly spends over half of its life as a caterpillar and living in a chrysalis. It is really no wonder that many people take inspiration from the life of this little marvel of nature.

I think humans actually have a lot in common with the butterfly; we start off slow, not really sure what we are doing in life, cocooned in a job we aren’t sure is right for us. Then finally, we break free, spread our wings and never look back!

The butterfly is a perfect metaphor for how we may treat our lives. Just as the caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis to eventually transform into the butterfly, we too can go through our own transformations in life.

We hope this collection of butterfly quotes from various inspirational authors encourages you to be patient and be ready to spread your own wings!

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Inspirational and Wise Butterfly Quotes

What do Butterflies Symbolise?

Transformation Butterfly Quotes

Butterfly Poems

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What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the teacher will call the butterfly.
Feroze Dada, A Disciple: The Spiritual Path to Infinite Happiness
Teacher Quotes

Bad company corrupts good character. Make sure there is a butterfly in your life.
R. A. Feller, Love Notes for My Butterfly

The butterfly is with you to help you, assist you and guide you.
Rachel Patterson, Pagan Portals – Animal Magic: Working With Spirit Animal Guides

“For Wisdom is a butterfly, And not a gloomy bird of prey.
Rachel Patterson, Yeats’s Poems
Wisdom Quotes

The era of the Butterfly is a time of new soulful creative expressions and the manifestation of new dreams and inspired ideas. Allow all the wisdom of your life experience to inform your being-ness.
Linda Star Wolf, ‎Anna Cariad-Barrett, Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm,
Experience Quotes

To be wise, a butterfly must ascend into the big blue sky of life upon humble wings. This is the wonderful world of Butterfly Love.
Ed Delgado, butterfly Love

Just imagine nature‟s beauty which gives life to the butterfly.
Rohit Shetty, When Success Is The Only Choice
Nature Quotes

God gives the Butterfly the gift of freedom to fly about the garden and partake in any flower it desire. the Butterfly has the freedom to go from one flower and then back again to another.
John F. Grooves, Good Morning Butterfly: A Love from God Is Our Greatest Gift

You have roots to remind you where you’re from, and wings to show you what you can become.
Sandra Swenson, Just Dandy: Living with Heartache and Wishes
Be Yourself

Once upon a time, I dreamt about a beautiful butterfly flying free. It just took me half my life to realize that the extraordinary, beautiful butterfly I dreamt about could actually be me.
Meg Nocero, Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief
Beautiful Quotes

What do Butterflies Symbolise?

The butterfly symbolises resurrection and transformation. And transformation does not come without struggle, conflict and pain.
Karl H. Federschmidt, ‎Daniel J. Louw, Intercultural and Interreligious Pastoral Caregiving
Life and Struggles

The butterfly symbolises freedom, but like the life of the butterfly there is no guarantee that this freedom will be anything but short – lived.
Emil F. Smidak, Smidak Principleslife

Because of its beauty and delicacy, the butterfly symbolises all that is female, including fertility.
Rosalind Franklin, Baby Lorebeauty

The butterfly doesn’t fear change, and it doesn’t worry about the past or the future. It is a symbol of the soul and the connection shared by all things.
Rebecca Keating, The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism

Butterflies have long represented spirituality and potent symbols of transformation and the soul.
Elizabeth Murray, Living Life in Full Bloom

The butterfly symbolises happiness and is at the same time the emblem of summer.
Skrifter: Etnografisk raekke

Transformation Butterfly Quotes

Deep within me, I’ve always known I was created for more; it was only a matter of time before I began to soar.
Elizabeth Wright, The Butterfly

Just think: If the caterpillar was change resistant, there would not be any beautiful butterflies!
Judith Belmont, ‎Lora Shore, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

When we transform fear and weakness into strength and love, than our presence will lift others, much like the butterfly.
Moreen C. DuFermont MSW, Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life

Knowledge can not give a person a new Worldview. People must be transformed in the same way a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, so they can develop a new, more functional worldview that will forever change the way they behave and live their lives.
David J. Delnostro, Only God Can Make a Butterfly

It is said that everyone wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die, yet just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
John Casperson, The Butterfly Effect: Flutters of Wisdom and Kindness

Like the butterfly in the cocoon, you can’t rush the process of grief. With tons of work, you can navigate the process in order to reemerge as a new stronger person.
Strength and Courage

In the Cocoon stage you go within. You strengthen and prepare yourself for the final stage of your transformation. This is where you change from being a bizarre, ugly, defensive caterpillar and become your authentic Self.
Karen Whitelaw-Smith, The Butterfly Experience

The butterfly reminds us how far we have come, how greatly we have transformed, how strong we have become in the process and how far we can fly.
Barbara J. Hacking

Butterfly Poems

Some may ask of Life: “How does one find love?”
Life says, “Be still! Don’t rush far and above;
Stop; let love’s butterfly alight on you,
For that’s the touch that romance is made of. The rose is the flower that the bee cruises,
Meeting there the butterfly that love chooses;
They unfold the petal of the blossom,
And drink the nectar of loves sweet juices.
Austin P. Torney, Butterflies at the Edge of Forever (Grayscale)LOVE AND LIFE
Love and Life

The delicate butterfly, its serene beauty and timeless wonder,Seems to make your heart beam,To pause for a moment and smile to yourself,It’s all like a peaceful dream.
Carol Phillips, The Butterfly Garden A Delightful Book of Poems

If I were a butterfly, I would fly to a distant tree. I would watch the moon until the sunrise.What a beautiful moon full of grace.The sun is rising, the moon is disappearing, what a waste.See the sunrays.If I were a butterfly, I would never die.If I were a buttefly.
Priscilla M. Francis Dozier, My Eyes Smile

You have touched so many lives and encouraged even more,Guiding people to success and helping them open the door.Blessed with such a colorful spirit and your head held high,With God under your wings you can soar to the sky.Just like a butterfly.Like a Butterfly
Evelyn D. Gaskin, Hope, Healing, Encouragement, and New Beginnings

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