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29 Moral Quotes

Here is our collection of Moral quotes that we hope remind you of the importance of having strong morals. Morals are our own personal rulebook, no one can tell you what right or wrong is other than yourself. Morals can be anything, from not having milk in your coffee to not stabbing someone in the back. Doing what feels right and avoiding what feels wrong can be the difference between a happy you and a sad you.

  Doing something that feels morally wrong can have lasting effects on your mental health and doing it for a long period of time can lead to immense guilt and distress. Your character is always defined by the choices you make, sometimes you may have made the wrong choice which could lead to you feeling sad or disappointed in yourself. But fear not, by messing up once in a while and making the wrong choice has inevitably given you a crucial blueprint of life, a hard lesson learned is one that you won’t make again, and has made you a stronger and better person.

We hope our collection of Moral Quotes can remind you of the importance of staying true to your moral code.

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Moral Compass Quotes

Published by: Ben Gillison

    Wisdom is light, but a wise man without morals is a well without a rope.  ‎Ronald E Pepin, ‎Jan M Ziolkowsk, Eupolemius

  1. Wisdom is light, but a wise man without morals is a well without a rope.
    ‎Ronald E Pepin, ‎Jan M Ziolkowsk, Eupolemius
  2. I believe morals are a part of every person. You need to listen to the correct voice in your head and follow it.
    John C. Officer, Discovering Your Passion: the Path of the Spiritual Warrior
    Believe in Yourself
  3. Your ethics and morals are a part of your authenticity, as are your likes and dislikes.
    L.K. Elliott, Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess
  4. Stick to your morals and principles, your beliefs!
    O.Y. ven Ghaydle, America and the Entire World Need YOU to Know to Spread the Word
  5. A person without morals is a danger to himself.
    Hjalmar Bergman, Jac the Clown
    Meaningful Quotes
  6. Stick to your morals, you know that man is not worthy of holding you, or even claiming you, the hardest thing to do is what walk away from him and say the truth.
    Lizenda LiceaDiaz, The Darkness
  7. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself and to stick to your morals, but also try to maintain an open mind and a safe communication space where a solution that everyone can agree upon can be found.
    Ruffin, Ingrid, ‎Powell, Charissa, The Emotional Self at Work in Higher Education
  8. Act like some adhesive tape and stick to your morals. Be persistent in your goodness and in your knowledge, and in your self-control.
    Bonita G. King, Who Stole My Gift?
  9. Be true to yourself and stick to your morals and values.
    Vicki Courtney, What About Me?
    Be True To Yourself
  10. Even though times may get rough and sometimes you feel like giving up, stick to your morals and believe in yourself.
    Frances A. Karnes, ‎Kristen R. Stephens, Empowered Girls
    Never Quit
  11. At least I have MY OWN morals and standards to live by. By being yourself it’s impossible to be wrong.
    Richard Cranium, The Truth of Being
    Be Yourself
  12. The purpose of morals is practical — to be virtuous, to live a good way of life; the purpose of ethics is theoretical, to know what is morality, to have a true view of it.
    1970, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy
  13. Do not blame others, do not be shameful of your opinions or mistakes, and there is definitely no need to justify your beliefs or opinions to anyone. Don’t profess your morality. Don’t preach how great and perfect you are.
    David Meltzer, Connected to Goodness
  14. When you ponder on what’s around you and come to finally understand the deeper meanings of life, and when you follow the moral principles of love, only then will you come to understand who The Father really is.
    Kennith Howroyd, A Simple Universal Fact
    Meaning of Life
  15. We rightly have contempt for people who have violated moral principles in order to achieve success.
    James A. Harold, An Introduction to the Love of Wisdom
  16. A moral law, and still more a moral rule, is only one application of a moral principle and must also be relative to a special kind of situation.
    Paton, H J, The Modern Predicament: A Study in the Philosophy of Religion
  17. Moral values are both individual and universal.
    SS Dara | DD Mishra, A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
  18. Our morality must be self-supporting, dependent on issues that are already part of human nature to constrain what individuals do.
    Robert Hinde, Changing How We Live
    Put Yourself First
  19. If a woman has morals, dreams, goals, they are now in the minority and men see them as a challenge.
    D.H. REID, ‎Ginger Reid-Parker ·, Baby Steps to Glory
  20. Women have morals; men, manners.
    Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel, ‎The Status of Women
  21. Moral Compass Quotes

    Find below a small collection of Moral Compass Quotes. Your moral compass is the map from which we take our route, the steering wheel from which we control the direction of life. It’s your own personal google maps made from your past experiences and emotions. The directions of life are always determined by what feels right and what feels wrong, almost never letting you down (apart from that one time it nearly directed you off a cliff). But I’d say that 9/10 times it’s going to steer you in the right direction and if there’s one thing that can be trusted it’s your moral compass.

  22. While taking an unpopular stance, and standing by your principles, is not always easy, in the end staying true to your moral compass is a far greater reward than making choices your uncomfortable with.
    Lionel L. Nowell, You Are Better Than Your Best
  23. When you can’t decide whether to go left or right, stay or leave, quit or press forward…your moral compass will help guide you through!
    Sonia Begonia, The Memo
    Direction Quotes
  24. Your Moral Compass is what influences you to choose to do what you do, and to behave the way you behave.
    Nancy Neal · 2015 · ‎Bod, Neal’s Not-So-Conventional Meditation Class for Teens
  25. If your moral compass is spinning, this means you are having trouble getting a fix on what is right or ethical.
    Archie B. Carroll, Business Ethics: Brief Readings on Vital Topics
  26. Values are the moral compass and common ground by which we judge our actions with respect to our ideals.
    Roey Diefendorf, 3 Dimensional Wealth
  27. Living in alignment means that you hold yourself accountable for decisions consistent with your moral compass.
    Doug Lennick, ‎Fred Kiel Ph.D, Moral Intelligence 2.0
  28. We find the purpose path through our own life by following our own moral compass, holding on to our thread.
    Doug Lennick, ‎Fred Kiel Ph.D., ‎Jon Huntsman, Sticking It Out in Tough Times (Collection)
    Purpose Quotes
  29. Your moral compass is “the truth or counsel of right conduct” by which you live your life.
    Marilyn Willis, LPCC, NCC, RESTORED
  30. Do not fear losing your faith-your moral compass is strong. Now go and let the love and warmth of God surround you and protect you.
    George Patton, Black Jack

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