30 Universe Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Astronomically or spiritually, the universe intrigues us all with its extensive mysteries and largely uncharted vastness. Housing a virtually limitless multitude of galaxies, it’s not surprising that we often seek profound existential answers within its boundless expanse. Questions such as ‘what is the meaning of life?’ often find their roots in our contemplation of the cosmos.

Built from the same atoms and molecules that constitute the universe, we’re intrinsically interconnected with the cosmic phenomena that surround us. This elemental unity suggests a harmonious relationship between ourselves and the universe, manifesting our desires into reality when we hold an unwavering belief in the universe’s benevolent design.

The energy we exude into the universe operates much like a boomerang, inevitably returning to us. This highlights the importance of maintaining a demeanor of love and positivity, as the energy we emit can influence the nature of what is returned. Remember, we are not merely in the universe, but the universe is within us. Harness this profound truth and channel it to manifest a life filled with positivity and fulfillment.

What you believe about the universe shapes what you think is possible in the universe.
River Higginbotham, Joyce Higginbotham, Paganism
Possibilities Quotes

There is a mind and purpose behind the universe, there are hints of that Divine presence in how abstract mathematics can penetrate the universe’s secrets, which suggests that a rational mind created the world.
Fateh Ullah Khan, God Created the Universe with the Purpose to Serve Humankind

I am creative because the universe is creative. I am conscious because the universe is conscious. I think because the universe thinks.
David A. Yeats, A Universe Full of Magical Things

As long as the universe holds secrets there will be a need among men and women to try to unravel the mysteries.
Lockheed Horizons

The Universe provides us faith, to not give up the fight.
Noé Lara, El Mundo de Noé (Noe’s World)

The universe is dark, but somewhere there’s a light far greater than anything we can conceive.
Sunny Eppler, ‎Marjorie Woodcock, Sunshine and Shadows
Light Quotes

If you choose love you will feel more alive than ever before because you will be in harmony with the compassionate spiritual energy that underpins the universe.
Theresa Cheung, The Ten Secrets of Heaven

I do not judge the reasons why I am here: the universe makes no mistakes. The life I breathe is proof enough that love has a place in me.
Jennifer Williamson, Sleep Affirmations
Judgemental Quotes

The Universe will open up pathways and opportunities that will allow you to create your ideal life.
Sarah Prout, ‎Sean Patrick Simpson, Adventures In Manifesting
Opportunity Quotes

We literally carry the universe inside us, for all that we perceive and understand comes through our consciousness.
Anodea Judith, Chakras Made Easy

Take your rightful place in the universe as a bright star capable of birthing a universe.
Athena Perrakis, The Ultimate Guide to Chakras

If everything in the Universe is energy, then the “things” we want are less like solid objects and more like currents of energy that we need to learn how to redirect toward ourselves.
Mike Murphy, The Creation Frequency
Law of Attraction

We are manifestations of the intelligent, loving energy that composes the universe.
Victoria St. George, ‎Margolis Char , Living in Spirit
Positive Attitude

In the same way that internal change is reflected externally in your quality of life, the Universe is reflecting your internal state back to you.
Michael Webster, The Multi-dimensional Voyager
Reflection Quotes

By envisioning what we desire, we can create an ethereal blueprint for the Universe to fill.
Sharon Jogerst, The Spirit of Everything

If you believe, the universe will follow.
Daniel Gereige, The Awakening

Fear lives in the present moment when you don’t trust the Universe.
Sarah Prout, Dear Universepresent

It is always the Universe, who moves through people, circumstances and events, to deliver it to you.
Jim Johnson, Welcome to the State of Joy
Journey Quotes

Regardless of the nature of the force that created the universe or the kind of relationship it has with the universe and humanity, it is reasonable to say that it is wise.
Michael H. Mitias, The Transformative Power of Love
Nature Quotes

As soon as I asked for help, the Universe delivered.
Gabrielle Bernstein, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Helping Others Quotes

We live in a highly creative Universe and a highly creative Universe lives within us.
Tanaaz Chubb, The Power of Positive Energy: Everything You Need to Awaken …
Creativity Quotes

Once you are one with the Abundant Universe, every area of your life is coming from a higher perspective.
Kelly Sayers, Discovering Your Life’s Purpose With the 5ps to Prosperity

Not only do you need to trust the Universe, but you also need to believe that you deserve, what you trust, will come your way.
Dee Shemma, Climb That Mountain: Learn, Heal & Grow. Get on Track & Stay On.

The greatest energy in the Universe is on the Earth. We need only to understand it.
Vladimir Megré, The Space of Love

In the long run, the Universe will prioritize your soul’s intention over your ego’s earthly desires.
Sandra Anne Taylor, Truth, Triumph, and Transformation

Consciousness creates the universe without losing its nature just as an ocean creates waves while remaining an ocean.
Sri H. W. L. Poonja, The Truth Is

The universe is awake right now and is seeking to experience the fullness of being awake. The meaning of life is to fulfill the goal of experiencing being.
Sei Lebese, Knowledge Is Powerawake

We could even say that the entire universe breathes a little easier when one person speaks or acknowledges the truth and thus dismantles old lies.
Deborah King, Truth Heals
Truth Quotes

The Universe heals or brings back into harmony anything that attempts to counteract it.
Anthony Santen, The Path Within

To the sensitive mind the universe is a beautiful place.
Majid Tehranian, Asian Peacebeautiful

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