A Computer And Life

A Computer And Life

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There is some commonality between a computer and one’s life and it is this comparison that can help you understand parts of your need to develop a security plan.

How To Avoid A Devastating Crash
We can go through life with no back up plan but God did not want you to fall so heavily that he made sure he provided each person with a back up plan so that your own personal life seen as a computer would not crash. A computer has to run well and in order to accomplish this task, there are several things you can do to protect its functioning just as you can protect your functioning from harm when God is always part and parcel of your own back up plan.

You Have Special Protection
Computers are also subject to bugs and viruses and thus must be protected with virus scanners and malware protection. Such is also the state of life where we can find that we are attacked for our beliefs and find that certain people may be tempted to try and undermine our faith with their own set of principles that may at first appear to be better. But, armed with specific thinking supplied through the word of God, our passwords are protected, our faith cannot be attacked for long, and we can destroy maliciousness from within our faith.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information
Our hard drives of life may be full of data that shows us how and what we wish and can do but at times, the hard drive can become inundated with too much worldly extraneous data that it starts to overload our capacity to deal with it. But do not despair for our hard drive can be purged of frivolous or harmful information through our appeal to the divine wisdom of the word of God.

One Stroke Away
Oftentimes, we may find that we feel weak or are confronted with situations or circumstances that seem to overpower our ability to keep going forward. In these cases, God’s help, like a computer keyboard, is only one keystroke away for it is within your grasp to bow your head and ask for his guidance at anytime or anywhere and he is there to listen.

Cleaning and Care
We have to look after our computers for they can deteriorate without attention, without cleaning or preparing for new software to be installed. Our lives must be cleansed and prepared constantly for what is coming and for what we must be prepared to deal with as we go through each day. We can help cleanse our own personal lives with prayer and with showing our respect and dedication to be Godly in how we behave, and what we think. We are involved in a constant struggle to keep ourselves cleansed as more and more of life’s ills confront us through good and bad times.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Faith is like electricity. You can’t see it, but you can see the light.”
Author Unknown

“The more we depend on God the more dependable we find He is.”
Cliff Richard

“Challenges are always opportunities for you to grow in faith and confidence.”
Lisa Cheater

“When God places gifts or blessings in our lives, often it is through a process that we discover their true magnificence. Do any of us fully recognize the magnitude of the gift that God has given us in Christ?”
Olivia M. Cloud, Joy to the World: Inspirational Christmas Messages from America’s Preachers

“Doing the will of God is worth every test or trial you may face, because when you are trusting God, you will come out of each test or trial victorious.”
Oretha Hagin, The Price Is Not Greater Than God’s Grace

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