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A Dream Now a Reality

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It is hard to believe that 2009 celebrates 10 years that Inspirational Words of Wisdom has been online. And, what a ten years it has been. The website was originally started in order to promote our book, Wings of Wisdom. We started with a free site, and then registered wow4.com in March of 2009. Now, the website has grown further than we ever imagined it would.

Once Only A Dream
It reminds me of the quotation by Napoleon Hill, “Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.” The book was once only a dream, the website was once only a dream, and now, however, both are now a reality.

Benefits of It All
I have to point out that one of the benefits of running an inspirational website is that you get to meet some wonderful people all over the world. Over the last ten years, I have made some wonderful friendships as a result of our website. I’ve met people who have touched my life and have positively influenced my thinking; people who have shared their talents and shared their stories. And, like everyone, there are days when I need some inspiration. Since I spend considerable time working on the websites, it gives me the inspiration I need, whether it is reading a quote, or a poem, or a story.

Now Working At Our Passion
We now work on wow4u.com, and other websites full time. I can remember when I worked full time for a corporation I said to my colleague, “if only I could work full time on our websites”. Back in those days, it was costing me over $100. a month for the websites. The websites generated no money. Plus, every week, I worked on them for at least 5 hours a week for which I got paid no money for doing so. The reason for sharing this with you is to give you words of encouragement and to give you hope to those who have dreams but feel like they will never come true.

Two Critical Things
There are two things that are critical if you want your dreams to turn into a reality:
1.set your goals – write them down, develop action plans with deadlines. One of the secrets of obtaining your goal is that the goal should be your passion, you should love working on it. For me, working on the websites is not like work because I love it.

2. perseverance – don’t be discouraged and give up when you face a roadblock. People I previously work with used to say that when I got something in my mind, I was like a dog after a bone. Well, how true they were. Looking back at the websites, I was determined. Every time the websites dropped in ranking, I would spend hours trying to figure out what I did wrong. I have enrolled in many courses to learn more to improve the site. I never gave up. Everything takes time, and sometimes, the test of time can determine your success. No matter what profession or what business you choose, no one is an overnight success. It takes time, perseverance and hard work.

Our Story Is The Proof
Our story is one which proves goals and perseverance can turn dreams into a reality.

Every goal is a challenge and, if it is not, your goal is not set high enough for it to be a stretch.

This setting of a goal is something like setting the bar in the high jump. If you only raise the bar a few inches, you will probably get over it but will it really push you to try even harder, or to train even more? No. The higher you set the bar, the more you will need to muster energy and focus on succeeding and not failing. Sure, there is a possibility that you might fail but even with failure comes much needed learning experience.

Thank You
To all of our readers, THANK YOU, we appreciate you for supporting our site. It is our goal to offer you another 10 years of inspiration online.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“One thing that will get you motivated more than anything is doing something to get closer to your dreams.” Shawn Doyle

“You don’t have to write a bunch of books to find fulfillment. What is your dream? What are your goals? They can be anything you choose.” Willow Cross

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Pele

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