A Scary Day For Dad

A Scary Day For Dad

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It started out like every other day when I was able to spend some time with my two sons. It was a lovely summer day so we all went outside. My sons got out there little bicycles and started ride around our paved driveway and then went further onto the sidewalk. All the time, we were laughing and having a great deal of fun.

My Son’s Breathing
As the afternoon roll along, I noticed that my younger son was having a little trouble breathing but I thought it was mainly due to the warm and humid day. We played outside until suppertime, and then in we went.

A couple of hours after supper, my younger son started to really wheeze and cough. I was getting worried. I tried a cold facecloth on his forehead thinking maybe he was just over heated but the cold cloth did nothing to relieve his wheezing. It only started to get worse. I just didn’t know what to do next. The only thought that came to my mind was that I had better get him to the hospital but I didn’t want to drag my other son along with us because I knew I couldn’t look after him as well as my younger son.

I grabbed my young son in my arms, and asked my other son to come with me to the neighbor’s two doors down the street. I walked rapidly all the time with my son starting to gasp for breath even more. I knocked on the neighbor’s door and thank goodness they answered right away. I told them the problem I was having with my younger son and would they mind looking after my other son while I went to the hospital. There was no hesitation. They took my son in and told me to get going now.

Praying While Racing Towards the Hospital
I put my son in the front seat, and peeled out of the driveway – praying as I drove. Since it was already dark, I left my bright lights on and drove like crazy to the nearest hospital, which was more than thirty minutes away. On the highway, all I could think about was the possibility of not making it in time and that I would lose my son. I drove and drove hard blaring my horn to get slower drivers out of my way. I made it to the hospital in fifteen minutes and roared into the emergency parking lot and right up to the ambulance entrance.

By the time I had him at the triage center, I noticed that he had started to breathe easier and by the time a doctor arrived only five minutes later, he was sitting there in the chair laughing and asking me where he was and why we were there.

Oh my gosh, what a relief. The panic I felt dissipated but not so much that I didn’t have many thoughts of what would have happened if I couldn’t have gotten him to the hospital. The doctor said the cold air from the drive there was what had helped him and suggested a cold air mister for his room would help him again if it should happen.

Thanked God
We never know the results of life – we never know what value we place on life until it comes down to the crunch. I thanked God in my prayers that night realizing that with God’s help and trusting in Him I made it through one of the worst experiences of my life.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Our lives should not be entrusted to anyone. God Almighty is the only one you should trust to direct your life.” Carl Mathis

“We’ve never been deep in prayer until we’ve become desperate for God’s hand to be moved. Desperate people pray with diligence and determination while there’s breath in their bodies, and until God answers.” Bill Vincent

“God will never leave us or forsake us. He stands right beside us when we feel most helpless. He gives words when there are none. Knowledge when there isn’t any. He. Can. Do. All. Things.” Caleb Breakey

“We can’t even pay for the gifts of natural life let alone for the gifts of eternal life. So let’s face up to the reality that Thanksgiving is not a way to pay God back. All we can give is what is already His, and we can only give a fraction in return for the fullness He has given us.”Steve Pease, What should we be thankful for: Being grateful and showing thanks to God is the answer

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