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"To keep yourself motivated, create little achievement moments for yourself." Rachel Rofe, Take Control Of Your Life
Life   |  

"Goals have made a tremendous difference in my life. They have allowed me to achieve success, and to accomplish what I had previously only dreamed of, or wished for."

Dream   |  

"If we can achieve the ultimate state of self-mastery, we will more consistently have the personal power and peace of mind we need to get ahead, since we are not giving our time, energy, and power away to others; we are taking responsibility for ourselves and how much we can affect change in our lives."
Lisa Kardos, Success Blueprint: Get Out of Survival Mode, Regain Control of Your Life, and Get Ahead at Work and in Life
Peace   |  

"Unlike what some atheists propagate, belief in God has not undermined the potential of humanity; on the contrary, it has been a fundamental and motivating factor behind many of humanity's greatest achievements."
Michael Caputo, The Greatest Minds Believed in God
God   |  

"The time has come to do something different. You cannot hope to achieve different results by continuing the same ineffectual practices."
Jo Roderick, Happy Now!: Awaken Positive Transformation with Simple Habits Anyone Can Master
Hope   |  

"There is a mere difference of motivation between an achiever and a loser. Achievers usually follow through a task, even when they are not feeling up to."
Samantha Strauss
Motivation   |  

"The simple reality is most any level of lasting achievement takes effort. Often it means going above and beyond the call of duty."
Josh Hinds
Effort   |  

"I hope that my achievements in life shall be these - that I will have fought for what was right and fair, that I will have risked for that which mattered, and that I will have given help to those who were in need that I will have left the earth a better place for what I've done and who I've been."
C. Hoppe
Helping Others   |  

"I can make it a day long to be remembered for its joy, its beauty and its achievements, or it can be filled with pettiness."
Author Unknown
Joy   |  

"As I grew older, I thought about the things that I have achieved. To my surprise, I haven't accomplished a lot."
Michael Lee
Age   |  

"Every single time that something goes well for you, even the tiniest little achievement, be pleased with yourself."
Rebecca Turner, The Stress Cure
Time   |  

You have to change your thoughts not just one time, you have to make it a habit to think positive - to think achievement - to think cash - to think health.
Mary Reis, Positive Thinking
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