Alter Your Life

Alter Your Life

Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed?
by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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So many of us are overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands of our careers, our families, sometimes even our friends. We often feel there is not enough time in our lives to do the things we need to do, let alone to do the things we want to do. And, most importantly, there never seems to be time just for ourselves.

The book, Alter Your Life, discusses many aspect of your life. The book discusses daily tasks that we all do and points out ways we can live intentionally, i.e. by making choices by intention, not by default.

What impressed me about the book is that it is not based only on theory. The author has implemented changes, and has altered her life to one of intentional life vs. life in the fast lane where she felt overwhelmed, overworked and overbooked! She discusses the three components that are the foundation for living an intentional life and they are simpler than you think. Her story is an inspiration for us all. While we may not choose to live the life she chose, you will find ideas and thoughts to alter you life in everyday tasks.

Dr. Kathleen Hall’s book is one which made me realize even the simplest of things I was doing every day were being done without intention. When you stop and answer some of the questions the author asks, it makes you realize that there is more. In fact, we do have the choice to change our lives so we do not have to feel so overwhelmed.

I would highly recommend this book.

Inspirational Quotes by Dr. Kathleen Hall, from the book, ALTER YOUR LIFE
“Most of us aren’t even aware we are not living an intentional life. We have lived our entire lives reacting to whatever life throws at us.”

“Living an intentional life redefines our common notion of ‘success’ by creating depth, meaning and purpose in our lives.”

“Your response to the everyday activities of your life can create immeasurable peace of mind, happiness and fulfillment.”

The intentional life is uncovered in the smallest and the simplest of things in our lives. The most meaningful moments of our lives are already there, waiting to be discovered.”

“In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.”

“Everyday is filled with an abundance of such opportunities; every second is filled with a possibility of change.”

“People who live extraordinary lives are in fact ordinary people who make choices that lead to extraordinary circumstances.”

“What is holding you back from living a meaningful and intentional life?”

ReSTYLEing your LIFE
By Mary White
Reviewed by Catherine Pulsifer

ReSTYLEing your LIFE is a book that you can read in an hour or less. But, if you use the book as a workbook you can spend considerable more time and you will receive considerably more benefit from this book.

As Mary White describes herself, “. . . I am an ordinary person (much like you) who has had an ordinary life (much like you) complete with its assortment of ups and downs, ins and outs, highs and lows, moments of calamity and tranquility (much like you).”

Mary’s life experiences have enabled her to put together this workbook to assist people make positive changes in their lives.

Mary believes that lifestyles can become addictive but change is always possible. She uses twelve core reflectives to guide you through the process of change.

She takes you on a journey of where you are currently and helps you see what you need to do to be where you want to be.

This is a book that you can reuse in your life when you feel a change is needed.

A few of our favorite quotes from the book:
“I believe if asked the right questions, most people will use their answers to lead themselves to an appropriate outcome.”

“In reality, we should all take the time to look at where we are and accept that we are exactly where we are by means of our own decisions.”

“It’s not the problems we face – it’s how we face the problems, and if we have the courage to face the problems head-on, we will find there are no problems – only solutions.”

“The criterion for success is listening to and acting on the dialogue of your inner-self.”

“I believe the process is more important that the end – because we never really conclude, we remain constant in our evolution.”

If you are looking for a change in your life, or, if you just want to reinforce your progress in this journey of life “ReSTYLEing your LIFE” is a book that you will want to read. Available at Amazon.

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