The Godsend

The Godsend

Book Review
The Godsend
By Greg Tharpe
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The book, The Godsend, intrigued me. Any book that states “How To Create Heaven In Your Life” is one that catches my attention! We are all looking for that little piece of heaven here on earth.

The first part of the book was very motivational, and I found myself thinking about my life in relation to the author’s writings. The book covers many aspects of living a successful life. It discusses learning, success, failure, happiness, and choices to name only a few.

The second part of the book was inspirational and reveals Greg Tharpe’s passion for God. He draws on his spiritual beliefs and his knowledge of the Bible and uses them as a guide for readers to reflect on. From a spiritual perspective, “The Godsend” will challenge your thinking. It provides steps for happiness, success, and prosperity.

Some of our favorite inspirational quotes from the book are:
“Man’s greatest asset is his ability to learn.”

“Failure is for learning and grow; it is a gauge to measure your weaknesses and expose what areas you need to work on to reach success.”

“Contrary to popular belief, material gain is not the purpose of existence.”

“Setting goals is the way to keep you focused on a target, and to keep you from wandering aimlessly in life.”

“Problems are the fertilizers in life that makes us grow.”

“Preventative maintenance not only applies to your garden and automobile, it also applies to each part of your life.”

“The choices that we make in life have the potential to create heaven on earth, hell on earth or something in between.”

“No one is responsible for the happiness and the welfare and success of your life except you, therefore, you must take responsibility for your own life.”

“God didn’t make any junk…everything that he made was good.”

“Just because something sounds good, or because the person who wrote or said it has a title or status, doesn’t mean that it’s true.”

“God does not choose the actions of people, He give you the freedom to choose your actions.”

“It can also be said that the Bible is a book of success and abundant blessings.”

“Nothing physical and material can be taken with you when you leave this world, it has no value, it is all worldly and temporal i.e. temporary.”

The book is available at Amazon.

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