An Important Question

An Important Question


We are always being asked questions. But what about the questions that change our lives.

I was once asked such a question as a young man. The question was asked one eventful day during a shift I worked as a student nurse in a geriatric ward.

My Responsibilities
You see, as part of my responsibilities, I had a ward of several elderly men who where all unique in their own way, and some of these gentleman took a lot more care than others, and some were a lot grumpier than others.

Others Would Avoid
A lot of nurses, quite frankly, did not enjoy working with these men and would try to avoid spending any more time there then they had to.

On the contrary, I took the opposite tack attending to the needs of these men.

Instead of just doing what I had to do to make them comfortable, giving them necessary treatments, blood pressure and temperature readings, baths, and supplying medication as ordered, I would finish all the required responsibilities and then stay in the ward. I spent a lot of time talking, joking, just good old give them attention beyond what they needed time.

After all, these men could not walk or get around, they had few visitors, and were generally left to spend their days just watching TV, sleeping, or complaining to anyone who stepped foot into the ward. So, I became the main target of their pent up mental energy and honestly, I had a lot of fun.

But, beyond establishing a great rapport with these men, there was one gentleman I spent a lot of time talking with. He wasn’t at first appearance much different than the rest but he had a wicked sense of humor and a grand spirit about him.

The Question That Changed My Life
One day, after all necessary nursing tasks were done and I stayed with them, he called me over to his bedside. At first thinking he was about to unleash a tirade of quips and fancies, I was ready. Instead, he beckoned me even close so he could obviously speak very quietly to me out of earshot of the other man.

In a soft voice just above a whisper, he asked, . . .

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