Blindness In More Ways

Blindness In More Ways

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We all too often refer to the state of blindness as a physical disability. And, we all know how debilitating this physically challenging state can be for those who had sight previously in their life and went blind because of an accident.

But, did you know that blindness could also affect people who have perfectly good eyesight?

Struggles Eliminated
I am thinking specifically of those types of people who may not have had a lot in their lives, and who constantly struggled just to put food on their table, or to pay those recurring monthly bills.

And, down the road, some of these people had the good fortune to be assisted to do more and have more by a special friend or, in some cases, people who were originally complete strangers.

Some people were given every opportunity to get ahead and had assistance in helping them pay bills, or help in finding a better job through personal contacts.

And, as time goes by, these people excelled and were able to move on to better living conditions and in many cases, were able to not only buy their first home but were able to start enjoying some of the finer amenities of life.

Helped But Not Helping
So, why do I refer to some of these people as suffering from blindness?

Simply put, once they succeeded in leaving their unrewarding past behind, they also left behind their capacity to acknowledge, or help those still less fortunate and those who also were in the same position they were only a short time ago.

It seems that they suffer from blindness in not being able to see that what you give you get back over and over again; they forgot that they had help to move forward in life and they are now blind to the responsibility to help at least one other person to be what they can be through active helping.

Sad Selfishness
To me, there is nothing as sad as a person who becomes selfish when they in fact would never have succeeded without the assistance of another person.

Now, does this mean that you should not . . . Read the rest of Blindness In More Ways Page 2

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