Church For Dreams

Church For Dreams

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For those of you who go to church, you may find that you spend a little time dreaming.

These dreams may be of better things in life, or they may be about the betterment of your fellow parishioners or neighbors or for those around the world who find themselves living in a war zone or subject to complete poverty.

A Great Church Does This
A great church encourages everyone to accept all into their midst. There is no prejudice to the poor, elderly or young.

There is vitality to each activity that involves all in their programs. It is this kind of church that sees you welcome those who are new into your congregation heartily and without any feelings that they are newcomers who must pay their dues.

Outside of Your Church
Such is life outside of the church where you will gladly welcome new friends, help those who are not as fortunate or who are desperate to find meaning within their life.

Throughout life, there are many occasions that may find you doubting that it is good to go beyond what is comfortable, what or whom you already know but that is the challenge you must meet with an open heart.

Do not despair if you should fail from time to time for that is the commonality among those who believe for it is not a perfect being that walks the earth.

Then, there are also those times when you will want to spread the word, the deed beyond the borders of where you live.

A Living Example
Such is the case of a friend of mine who could have chosen to stay where she was. But, this lady retired from a large company with a small but decent pension and chose to go out beyond her own backyard. She and her husband decided that their fortunes in life as meager as they were would be better put to good use by helping others on a continuing basis. So, every year without fail since her retirement, she and her husband would pack their bags and head south.

They would drive to an area in the south that needed help, any help. This help could be as simple as delivering the word of God through voice or song. She was an avid piano player and would use this talent to rejoice in the Lord. Or, both of them would lend their strength to the actual building of supportive housing for those who could not afford it unless through the efforts given freely to them by followers of God.

Without fail, their gracious gift of time and devotion would see them spend many months in helping other volunteers construct shelters and homes. They just didn’t dream about entering the ministry of God, they actually lived and breathed the commitment. This is the kind of devotion that a lot of people just talk about but never actually implement.

Not All Of Us Can Give Time
Now, on the other hand, if you know of people in your local church or community group that actually live and breath this kind of commitment but you cannot devote yourself because of time limits or unable because of other family duties, you can support these wonderful people’s efforts by contributing in different ways to help them. Simply put, you could contribute goods or tools or even a monetary gift to them so they can offset some of their own expenses.

This is a time to give in ways that can help whether that be through donations or the sponsorship of a foreign ministry or it may also mean that you visit and minister in foreign lands.

Such is the calling of a few for the many.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“We can’t spell Sunday without U,
we can’t spell church without U,
we can’t spell success wihtout U –
Our church needs U to help:
We are counting on U!”Author Unknown

“There are three kinds of church members: effective, ineffective and defective.”Dr. Lloyd Doughtery

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” Elizabeth Bibesco

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