Do You Dare

Do You Dare

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2012

The day starts out the same old way as you slowly get yourself motivated to go out the door and off to work. You know exactly how your day is going to go with eight hours of sitting behind a computer and hoping that five o’clock comes early.

A Simple Question
If this is how you feel about your day, ask yourself a simple but revealing question. If you were not paid for your
work you do now, would you do it?

If you answered no, you have some decisions to make.

What Would You Change
The very first thing you have to decide is what you would change? If you had a different job, would that job make your dream come true? One of the biggest obstacles to making a change is that we often do not give ourselves enough credit. One question to get you moving towards the real work you would rather do is to ask yourself what great thing would you attempt if you knew that you would be successful? Does this give you an idea now of what you really want to do with your life?

For the most part, a lot of us have purchased a car. How much research or test drives did you take? Did you look at the available options for the particular car, investigate about the warranty coverage, the gas mileage? I am sure you have. Do you realize that most people spend more time determining the pros and cons of buying a certain car than you do actually planning their own life?

No Room for Doubt or Defeat
Now, if you have made a decision to follow your dream, the next hurdle will be all the doubts that you throw at your own dream. One of the best examples is to tell yourself that there are going to be problems, or that there are too many competitors, or that this isn’t the right time, or your friends and family think you are nuts. The long and short of this kind of thinking is that there is nothing perfect. There is no perfect career, no perfect business, and no perfect time.

The other perfect way to defeat yourself is stay within your comfort zone – a zone where you have felt comfortable for years, or a comfort zone conditioned by your parents who may have repeatedly told you that you have to stick to a job just to make sure you have a secure paycheck. This kind of conditioning will mean that you will have to be adaptive, flexible and willing to move into an uncomfortable zone – a zone that makes you stretch to accomplish what you want. Remember this: if what you were about to do were easy, everyone else would be doing it to.

“Each individual has a definition of passion but not all of these definitions have to do with what you earn a living from.”Byron Pulsifer, Work Schedule

What Is Your Passion
To find an absolute passion in your life is to look beyond what you do for a living, or have as a hobby. It is to look at who your are, what you stand for, and what makes you want to jump out of bed early on a Saturday morning even though you have no need to rise early. The search for a passion may be found as you leaf through a magazine and find that one thing that just begs for your attention; or, it could be as you take the leisurely walk along a deserted beach or a walk deep within the forest with nothing around but the sights and sounds of birds and animals. There is no secret to finding a particular kind of passion only the open vision and available heart to be prepared for it.

Dare to dream big; jump, wiggle or crawl out of your old comfort zone and grab hold for dear life. Do it!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“If you are aware of what you are working toward and can visualize it, you are much more able to set realistic goals and to work toward achieving them.” John Hughes

“We as people are resistant to change. We like to get comfortable in our lives and live them out in our own little bubble, without anything rocking the boat or making it uncomfortable for us.” Adrienne Stevens

“Living passionately is the opposite of living passively.” Marty Cauley

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