Doubt Replaced Through Faith

Doubt Replaced Through Faith

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There is always a big difference between faith and doubt and each one of these differences is one that can be changed to one of faith. It may not always be easy to do and you may fail occasionally but then that is not a big issue as long as you are always striving forward.

A Person of Doubt
A person with doubt inevitably sees obstacles standing in their way whereas a person of faith sees that there is a way forward and moves accordingly.

A person of doubt sees the dark of the world where everything appears to be doom but those of faith see only the brightest of the day where the future is looked upon as a new beginning.

Those who are mired in doubt fear to take action, to take any meaningful steps to go beyond but those of faith see only possibilities where obstacles are viewed as the necessary hurdles to go beyond.

The person of doubt never fully knows the answer to ‘who believes’ but the person of faith is the first to say ‘I do.”

Much of these same principles apply to every aspect of life. It is a matter of simply looking around your own environment, your own family, your neighborhood or community to see who does and who doesn’t believe.

A Person of Faith
The ones who have faith and belief are the ones who seem to respond consistently to those who seek help, or the first to ask for assistance from authorities to eradicate a problem within their neighborhood, or the first to be there in emergencies even if they do not know anyone.

Faith in yourself is one of the prime ingredients in order to help others and to be of importance while you spend your time here on earth.

If you do not have faith, faith in God or in yourself, it is never too late to move beyond whatever chains you have placed on your life. Take the first step and never look back.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“‘Faith is a simple act of the will,’ I said, ‘a decision to trust God in spite of everything else around us.’Paul Eshleman, I Just Saw Jesus: The JESUS Film – From Vision, to Reality, to the Unimaginable

“Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things.” Josh Hinds

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr.

“Theists will never be able to prove God’s existence; if by ‘proof’ we mean evidence beyond any doubt.” Randall Stewart, 5 Reasons: Why I Still Believe in God

“Fear is a negative response to the unknown or a perceived threat, but it is not of God. God does not want us to be in fear, ever.” Becky Van Volkinburg, God’s Word, Your Voice

“Blessings are real and visible when viewed from cleansed eyes; eyes that can see possibilities, not problems, eyes that can see opportunities, not spite, eyes that can see new days ahead not a life filled with excuses.” Byron Pulsifer

“The pressures crush, and you can see no way out; but suddenly God does something so wonderful, so grand, it literally takes your breath away, and you know that you know that you know the God of the whole universe – the one who created you and continues to love you so much that you are graven on His palm – isn’t going to leave you there.” Geraldine Yount, Suddenly God

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