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Book Review
face it
What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change
Authors – Vivian Diller, PH, D. with Jill Muir-Sukenick, Ph. D.
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As a woman reaching the magical time of middle age, the subtitle of this book intrigued me.

We all age and, while we can all try and slow the process, it still happens. Our society today puts a lot of pressure on women to be young, beautiful and slim. Most books that you read on this subject discuss how you can slow the process, but this book, “Face It”, actually teaches you how to accept it and be happy. It is a guide to help you understand, feel better, and take advantage of your changing looks. This quote from the book summarizes what the book does, “The knowledge you gain as you read Face It will give you a step-by-step plan that maps out how to manage your feelings about your changing appearance.”

As you read the book, you will meet woman and hear their stories, their feelings, and how they dealt with the challenge of aging. You will find a variety of different feelings expressed and you may find that what you read perfectly describes how you feel. At the end of each chapter, there are questions for you to consider. It is a book that we would recommend for any woman who looks in the mirror and discovers that they are not happy with the way they are changing.

Some inspirational quotes from, face it:

“To truly understand beauty is to view it as a combination of objectivity and perception, as a science and an art.”

“It’s time we use our knowledge, experience, and fortitude to change the way we deal with our changing looks.”

“The challenge: can we keep youthful optimism in our hearts and minds while letting our faces follow their natural course?”

“When there is a shift in self-image – in the very basic way we see ourselves – we feel something fundamental change within us, whether we are aware of its origin or not.”

“Watching others age seems more gradual, while our own shift is jarring.”

“We celebrate many transitions in life, like graduations, confirmations, bat mitzvahs, weddings, pregnancies. Yet we watch people pass through the latter part of their lives with little or no celebration of that achievement. “

“Life is about moving through stages and not getting stuck in one, which is not to be confused with getting the most out of every current stage.”

“As women recognize that trying to return to someone we once were leads to measures that can only fail, we can feel sad but relieved as well.”

“Every woman in every generation grows up with idealized images of beauty .”

“Aging, at all phases of life, means leaving behind one stage to move on to another.”

“Sharing kindness and exhibiting dignity and grace will contribute significantly to feeling beautiful for the rest of your life.”

“Everyone ages, and as we do, we all meet on the same playing field. Not one of us can change the course of nature, but that doesn’t mean our perspective on this natural process cannot change.”

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