Think and Be Happy

Think and Be Happy

Book Review
Think & Be Happy:
365 Empowering Thoughts to Lift Your Spirit

Author: Shadonna Richards, RN
Reviewed by

Think & Be Happy, is filled with golden nuggets that provide inspiration to start your day on a positive note no matter who you are. You will find not only Shadonna’s thoughts on happiness, but you will find the wisdom of many famous people and their words about happiness. You can enjoy inspirational quotes , poems, and thoughts on living a happy life.

This is a great book to read on a daily basis. You may also find that you just can’t get enough of these gems of wisdom without reading even more. This book is one that can be picked up and opened to any page and it will leave you with an inspirational thought for your day . Think & Be Happy is a book that you will want to share with others. It is a book that will make you stop and think. An absolutely great book for reflection.

Shadonna Richards shares her words of wisdom in a way that will have you telling your friends to get their own copy and not wait for you to pass it on to them. We need more books like this one!

Some of our inspirational quotes from the book:
“It is true that your mood is heavily influenced by whatever you choose to focus your thoughts on.”

“Be grateful for all you can do.”

“A smile is said to be the universal expression of happiness across all cultures.”

“Don’t allow age, culture or beliefs to stop you from accomplishing your dreams. It’s never to late.”

“Sometimes not getting what you want, is a blessing in sleek disguise.”

“Anything is possible once we believe and never relinquish hope.”

“Problems are valuable blessings in disguise.”

“Another ingredient in the recipe for a happier life – we tend to receive back what we feed to others.”

“You may not have all that you want but absolutely nothings is stopping you from making the best of what you do have.”

“Be like the sun, shine within – regardless of life’s weather conditions.”

“We’re all students in the course of life.”

“Practice looking forward to possibilities.”

A wonderful book which is quick and easy to read. A book that, after reading it, helped to focus my mind on the positive aspects of my life, which in turn did make me feel happier. You can purchase Think and Be Happy at

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