Inspirational Books Page 2

Inspirational Books Page 2

Reviewed by or Byron Pulsifer:

“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.”
James Bryce

Being The Difference
True Stories of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the World
Author – Darius Graham
We often hear about people with lots of money making a difference in donating to worthy causes. But, in this book you will read a collection of inspiring stories of people actually making a difference; making a difference in ways you maybe would not have considered. The individuals featured in these true stories all faced challenges in their life, and for many of them, their challenge actually created the opportunity to make a difference in other peoples lives. To quote Darius Graham, “These individuals are a testament to the idea that if people use their passion and whatever limited resources they have, they will not only make a difference, they will be the difference and make the world a better place right where they are. The truth is anyone can be the difference; all it takes is using whatever you have, to do whatever you can.”

A Gift of Hope
52 Ways to Live a Better Life
Author – Shadonna Richards, R.N.
In the authors introduction she writes, “Words can move you to change. The choice is often up to how you internalize them and on what you choose to dwell.” Shadonna Richard’s book, A Gift of Hope, can move you to change if you so choose to do so.

Obama In His Own Words Pre-election
Author: Carl “Tuchy” Palmieri
President Obama has inspired and given hope to many around the world. His words and his actions are ones that people need during the times we are currently living in. The author of this book has compiled quotes of President Obama and categorized them by subject. In doing so, he has captured the words of historical value.

Oprah, in Her Words Our American Princess
Author – Tuchy Palmieri
If you are a fan of Oprah Winfrey then this book is for you. The book is filled with inspiring quotes by Oprah Winfrey . Her words and her actions have inspired many worldwide. Let her inspirational words of wisdom inspire you.

Tuchys Law
Author – Tuchy Palmieri
The book title properly describes this book; it is a book of quotes to help you in life’s journey. It contains many words of wisdom that serve to remind us to look at the positive side of life. Some of these quotes have been around for many years; you will read familiar words. And, you will find good words of advice from not only the author but from some very famous people, and from the not so famous people. But, the one thing all the contributors have done is that they have shared their experiences in the form of quotes.
The Platinum Rule
Author -Tuchy Palmieri
A compact 46 page book containing 522 quotes on all aspects of life. For sure you will find quotes that you can relate to, others that will make you smile, but all of them contain words of wisdom in them.

Hurry Down Sunshine
Author – Michael Greenberg
The most remarkable aspect of this book is that the author Michael Greenberg writes about a matter that is close to his heart, and he writes about a time that was very difficult in his life.

Trust in the Lord
Author – Deen Kemsley
The author, Deen Kemsley, states he had a singular intent in writing this book, and it was “to prompt readers to look within themselves to find the light and peace of Jesus Christ.”

The Last Rose A True Celebration of Eternal Life
Author – Thomas E. Pierce
Each year, hundreds, if not thousands, of books are written. Some of these books fall under the category best described as inspirational. And, while these books give you food for the soul, many do not give you such powerful messages as written in “The Last Rose, A True Celebration of Eternal Life” by Thomas E. Pierce.

Empower Your Soul Create Balance in Your Life by Trusting Your Intuition
Author – Melissa Perry Moraja
Share in the journey of one woman’s discovery of her passion and the challenges she faced along the way. Discover how she overcame the roadblocks she faced. The book discusses seven simple principles including life balance, goals, beliefs, passions and much more. Melissa has written the book in such a fashion that you can use it as a workbook. Rather than just a book of theory, she offers exercises, questions, and techniques to assist you to create balance in your life.

Lean On Me
Author – Lorraine Kember
We will all face the death of a loved one whether that is a husband, wife, life partner, child, parent, relative, or close friend. But, one thing we may not share is facing the actuality that we will be the primary care giver, the nurse, to one we love. Will we be able to endure, have the inner strength to prevail while we wait helplessly for the final moment when our loved dies?

the five secrets
you must discover before you die
Author – John Izzo, Ph D.
The title of this book, the five secrets you must discover before you die, intrigued me – what are these five secrets, are they different from my own beliefs I wondered? As I started reading the book, the way the author conducted his research inspired me to read more. You see, this book contains secrets not written from theory but secrets from actual life experiences of people.

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