Facing Challenge

Facing Challenges


Everyone faces challenges throughout the day, week, month and year. No one is exempt. Some people desperately try to avoid challenges as their primary focus in life. Some people try and ignore challenges hoping that they will simply go away. Other people view challenges like they view colds; that is, every once and awhile everybody has to deal with it. And, there are other people who know that they will face challenges, know that they will have to deal with them, and know that they will do what it takes to overcome them. Which one of the aforementioned are you?

Try To Avoid Challenges
Those types of people who feel that their primary focus in life is to avoid challenges always have a huge uphill battle. This thinking is analogous to thinking that a challenge, problem or issue will go away simply by burying their heads in the sand. The funny thing about this strategy is that your posterior is still exposed to take the full brunt of the problem. In other words, despite one’s best efforts at ignoring an issue or problem, no matter how well you think you have insulated yourself from suffering or being exposed as others do, you cannot hide forever. Sooner or later you will have to deal with a problem or issue whether you like to or not. The sad thing here is that these types of people have no preparation or skills to fend off or deal with any such intrusion upon their make believe environment.

Challenges Are Inevitable
Those people, who see that challenges are inevitable, just like a cold, take the view that life cannot be lived in complete bliss. These types of people even though they know challenges will arise often have no particular plan to deal with them or they have not developed the necessary skills to effectively deal with problems or issues. This is similar to saying that an individual realizes that the company they work for is modernizing but is ill prepared to be able to work in that environment. This means that while they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, they take no action until it is too late. In reality, the better position would be to undertake course work that would prepare them for changes that will ultimately unfold.

Preparation For Challenges
There are those types of people who know that they will face challenges, problems or issues. These people know that one cannot dismiss them and also realize that whether they do not want to experience them or not they will arise. However, these types of people know that a problem or challenge or change has to be addressed or dealt with regardless of their personal preferences.

Part of the strategy for those people who know they will face challenges is to be prepared. Part of this preparation is developing a mindset that says all challenges, problems, issues or road blocks can be surmounted and overcome. The reason these types of people can make this declaration is that they are able to muster enthusiasm and confidence directed towards any issue they face. This enthusiasm is not misplaced or misdirected because they know that when any issue, problem or obstacle is presented to them, like it or not, they are not focused on that particular issue but, instead, are focused on finding a solution and implementing it.

What Is The Alternative
By not directly facing issues that are bothering us, or that we know will come, we are creating internal road blocks. These challenges can stop us from achieving success in life.

We cannot change what has happened but by facing it we can more easily accept it. All too often, we let little things upset us. Part of the issue for some is that while they understand that changes are coming, they attempt to remain where they are. To them, change is the problem not what the change will bring. It is a matter of being stuck in the past because they feel it is more comfortable and they know what to expect. Oftentimes, these types of people fight against change because they realize that to embrace the change will mean that they will become uncomfortable. Part of this discomfort comes due to their necessity to learn and develop new skills or new ways of doing things that are contrary to what they already know how to do, or they know that the anticipated change will require them to be more exposed to the judgement or criticism from their colleagues or supervisors.

Of Little Consequence
Most things in life are of little consequence when you look at the big picture. Put these situations in perspective. Do they really matter? Is it worth your time and energy to be upset over them? Is there action you can take to move beyond the challenge? Read the story of my great grandmother who in my eyes was a role model for the type of person I want to be like.

My great grandmother was widowed at a very early age and left to raise four children by herself during World War I. She could have felt sorry for herself. Instead, she got a job and held tight to the conviction that she would raise her children and give them all she could.

Later in her life, she had both her legs amputated, but that didn’t stop her either! She lived to be 105 years old. She was an amazing woman; a woman who had more than her share of challenges.

Here is a woman who had her share of personal roadblocks, however, she faced the issues and moved beyond them. She was a women meeting a challenge head on. She didn’t try to deny it nor did she attempt to hide from these many issues or problems. The real test of character was demonstrated through her action and her unfailing zest to continue despite what could have been her demise.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.” William Frederick Halsey, Jr.

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” William Ellery Channing

“I’d rather be a could – be if I cannot be an are; because a could – be is a maybe who is reaching for a star, I’d rather be a has – been than a might – have – been, by far; for a might have – been has never been, but a has was once an are.” Milton Berle

“If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, YOU CAN positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible.” Catherine Pulsifer

No matter how bad the situation might seem, there are people who will accept those things they can’t change and they’ll spend their energy looking for the positive side of every event that comes their way. Alex Uwajeh, The Power of Positive Affirmations

“Whatever the situation is, never give up. This is one of the most important pillars of success.” Nathan Ergang, Big Life Change

Much of the thrill of changing your mindset to move to a new level of success is becoming the kind of woman who can break through fears, navigate obstacles, and believe that with God all things are possible. All things are possible. Valorie Burton, Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. Winston Churchill

“Successful people have focus. They don’t get easily distracted and they ignore things that are completely unnecessary.” Penelope Holmes

Life is a long journey, and every leg of that journey helps you to grow as a person as long as you continue to process the lessons that have been laid before you and apply them to your future endeavors.” Philip Johnson, Anger Management

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