Inspirational Poems Page 3

Inspirational Poems Page 3

Followers Of The Way
Poet: Joshua David, © 2018

Followers in fleeting autumn days,
and whisperers in the night;
We are but few who pass this time,
in keeping with the Light.

The upright walk and courted heart,
which keeps the dark at bay;
Steel your soul, hold fast my friend,
Ye follower of The Way.

Blessed is the mind which quanders,
all His splendid gifts;
It causes not the heart to wander,
upon the sands that shift.

On solid ground is he who stands,
within the belted gap;
So fervent, broad, bold and true,
that not an ail will sap.

Carry forth the good news,
the message of our Lord,
that has been written on your heart,
today and forevermore.

Keep still and listen,
His voice is wise and true,
He whispers not to fear the end,
by then what’s due is due.

Ghost of one who has come to pass,
and is forever here,
Host of Spirit who’s been sent down;
His word our mouths declare.

You know truth, you know reason,
Don’t let the evil of this world shake you;
You know mercy, you know love,
never-the-more this world can break you.

Give great to others,
and keep little for yourself;
Your treasures are in heaven,
where every ounce is double-delt.

Treat others quite the same,
as want would be your soul,
remember brother, sister,
this is the golden rule.

Our Lord is coming!
Tis sooner the day now, as it ever was!
When every heart will joint proclaim,
blessed is the Lord, our heavenly host!

That day when every knee shall bow,
and His mighty voice will say,
“Your hearts are well with Me,
oh Followers of The Way!”

Our Lord is coming! Tis sooner the day now, as it ever was!
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A Special Loan
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2010

When God created children, He made a special loan,
He gave us a little girl and said, “Treat her as your own.”
Remember she belongs to Me, I want her back some day,
So follow My instructions; teach this child to pray.

Let her know My presence is always by her side,
If she seeks, she’ll find me, I’m here to be her guide.
It’s up to you to teach her, the way she ought to go,
Give her the light from Scripture, such things as she should know.

Do not fear correction, it helps her faith grow strong,
Prepare her for the future, where oft times things go wrong.
Her world will not be perfect; the thorns surround the rose,
But I’ll be there to help her, whichever way she goes.

You as her parents, teach her,
The wholesome, Christian way,
That God is her Redeemer,
Her hope, her help, her stay.

Children are gifts from God.
“Children are gifts from God.”
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There’s a River Running By
Poet: John McLeod, © 1988

There’s a river running bye that wends upon its endless way,
There’s the gentle rush of water
And the rustling trees quiet sway,
There are birds that sing so sweetly
And a peace that’s something more,
We are truly happy travellers in God’s Country!

There’s a river running bye down through Glen Orchy’s lovely vale,
Swirl and eddy reading every stone
As if some mystic braille,
Such a splendour that is timeless
As an ocean’s restless shore,
We are truly happy travellers in God’s Country!

There’s a river running bye and in the wonder of it all,
To my inner heart that answered
Some unheard persistent call
Comes the knowledge that here lies the key
To open wide the door,
That brings peace to happy travelers in God’s Country!

Frame for a November Friday
Poet: John McLeod, © 1988

When you linger in the shadows of despair and deep unrest
When you’re torn betwixt so many paths
And know not which is best,
When you think you’re all alone
And in your sadness you would cry . . .
Remember friend,
God wipes away the tears from every eye!

When your burden seems too heavy
And an aching fills your heart
When you find that there’s so much to do
And know not where to start,
When your troubles and your sorrows
Cause that helpless weary sigh . . .
Remember friend, God wipes away the tears from every eye!

When you’ve won through in your battle
And the race of Life is run,
When the hurdles have been crossed
And painful tasks and hardships done,
When one day you look back smiling
And the time for rest draws nigh,
You will truly know God wipes away the tears from every eye!

God wipes away the tears from every eye!
God wipes away the tears from every eye!
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I Believe In Miracles
Poet: John McLeod, © 1988

I believe in miracles . . .
Gulls eating crickets
At Salt Lake City
Burning thickets
Compassion, pity,
Evil halted
And its intention
By God’s intervention.

I believe in miracles . . .
Prayers that are answered
And healing hands
The caring heart
That understands
Each day’s a gift
Of Life divine
A precious jewel
That’s yours and mine!
Oh, yes,
I believe in miracles!

all things are possible to him that believeth
“Jesus said unto him,
If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”

Mark 9:23

Cares Are
Poet: John McLeod, , © 1989

Cares are the cross that each of us must carry,
Darkness must always contrast with the light,
And having known despair’s harsh ministrations
Wisdom will bring its own unequalled sight.

The Lord makes sure the back will fit the burden,
How harsh it seems, yet when the pain has gone,
The eyes unto the hills of hope in turning
Will glimpse the splendid wonder of His dawn!

I Believe . . .
Poet: John McLeod, © 1989

I believe that nothing in life is unimportant
Every moment can be a beginning
And a time for decision,
Taken against the constant background of one’s faith
Each word and gesture – whether it comes from our
Strength or our weakness
May change the subsequent course of our life
And the lives of those around us.

I believe that nothing in life is unimportant
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Poet: John McLeod, © 1989

Starlight is a quality we all have known
Akin to joy discovering a rose new grown
That holds its promise, for a time,
As budding forth
It blooms to show the world the measure
Of its worth.

Some roses bring a blaze of beauty
Yet no scent,
While others look as nothing
Yet their fragrance meant
To soft bestow a gift from God,
Exquisite, fine,
Renews, like starlight’s majesty,
A Faith Divine!

Dear Father . . .
Poet: John McLeod, © 1982

Dear Father thank you for this day
The wonder I can’t hide
The glow of true belonging
That I feel so warm inside,
For patience when I stray
From pathway true, and then somehow
The gift of sight to see beyond
The darker clouds of now.

Dear Father, thank you for this day
Your presence ever near
The colours and the splendour
Of all living things that cheer,
The joy of safe arrival
In completing Living’s vow,
the gift of sight to see beyond
The darker clouds of now.

Dear Father, thank you for this day
And all that I have earned
From travelling’s rich experience
wise lessons slowly learned,
To rest at evensong
And know your blessings still endow
The gift of sight to see beyond
The darker clouds of now!

Poet: Daniel Clement Colesworthy

Give, although your heart may never
To a grateful tear respond;
Deed of kindness bless forever,
Reaching to the world beyond.

Do you see the air that closes
When the arrow speedeth by?
Or the scents that rise from roses?
Or the spirit’s glancing eye?

So you never may discover
Where a kindly act shall fall, —
Nor the angel host that hover,
Watching and directing all.

Give not grudgingly but freely
With a heart allied to God,
And your alms will prove to be the
Winglets scattering love abroad.

Give not grudgingly but freely With a heart allied to God,

Gentle The Love
Poet: John McLeod, © 1982

Gentle the love that flows from caring hands,
Friendship is a flower that grows and understands
That gentle love will ever light the way
Towards enchantment’s ever brightening day.
for Love is a song that lights the darkest place
And shines eternal, blessed with joy and grace!

Chains That Can’t Hold
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2015

The force outnumbered Jesus, a legion fighting one;
The tombs of death their dwelling of despair.
Outcasts, unwanted, rejects, abandoned, feared and scorned,
With chains of iron meant to hold them there.

But Jesus, the Redeemer, acknowledging their plight
Commanded that the spirits cease their hold.
The man possessed by demons grew silent as He spoke,
The demons uttered, “Send us from your sight!”

And suddenly there’s silence, the demons are dispersed,
The miracle of healing sets him free!
No longer chained and tortured, no longer mocked and feared,
The spell is gone; he is no longer cursed.

Jesus is the Healer, He gave a straight command;
And instantly the man was sane and whole.
Such wonderful compassion that sets the body free,
And then continues on to free the soul.

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