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Inspirational Prayers Page 2

A Prayer To The Father
, © 2012

I need you help oh Father
Raise me up from my temptation
To salvation and light.

My spirits are yours’ to be with one
My desire is to float with you on clouds high
Make a light for me to follow
Out of this world that is so hollow.

I need your love oh Father
For I am mired in days of turmoil
Your willingness and grace to forgive
Your kindness and generosity yours to give.

Transfer your strength for all these days
So that I may speak of Father’s grace
I will work as your vessel of faith
May your guidance make me no disgrace.

My soul is laid at your feet
So I will never feel defeat.
Upon your wisdom I will arise
As your devoted servant, never be unwise. Amen.

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.”
Luke 5:16
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A Prayer
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Oh Lord
I want to thank you for all your
Granted opportunities and privileges that allows me
To experience a world filled with your beauty,
And the varied experiences of life.

My thankfulness means also thanking you
For the ability to be loved and to give love
For the sight that gives me beauty
For the insight that strengthens my resolve
To give to others as my own.

I thank you for the green of pastures,
The beauty of trees, lakes and ponds,
For the rivers that give nourishment
And the sounds of birds, waterfalls and rain.

I thank you for the music of laughter,
The children as they play
The delight of conversation with friends,
The roof that gives me shelter,
And the warmth of your love throughout.

Make not this a passing glance
For your love to feel
Always in and through my life
My heart is yours to give thanks and gratefulness.

Thank you Lord, thy humble servant.

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
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To My Lord
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Oh Lord,
The creator of all
The light that shines upon us
Through the mist of earthly desires.

Each day is a new day
To discover the truth of your will
Your desires for us to follow
Your forgiveness should we fail.

Each night I sit and pray
For I need your strength through the night
That I might awake to serve you God
With each day I will to you.

There are many challenges to overcome
And I need your guidance to help me
Through each one so that I may
Be able to make a better day.

I come across many who do not believe
In you, Oh Lord,
So guide me, and assist me to spread your word
With no fear of rejection, hurt or shame.

Guide me through the difficulties of this world
Knowing that my time will come
To share with you or Lord above
A place beside you filled with love.

“Use prayer to give thanks for all of your blessings.”
Byron Pulsifer
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Dear Father
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Dear Father, thank you
For your proving me with abundance
To the stars on high
To the water I drink.

Dear Father, thank you
For giving me the knowledge and wisdom
To see that you are my Savior
To rescue me from all earthly sins
To make a place for me on high.

Dear Father, thank you
For granting me the opportunities
That falls before me
To see with clear vision
That all I need is you.

Dear Father, thank you
For giving me the eyes to see
For the ears to hear
For a tongue and voice
To herald your bountiful forgiveness.

Dear Father, thank you
For all our children
No matter where they are
For are chance to raise them up
To your light that will shine forever.

My Prayer
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Lord, each day I lay before you
Wishing that I could be able to say
That I have caught your light
But that day has yet to come.

Lord. I do not expect that I be different
Only that I could see you here
I know that you are above
Just show me that you are always there.

Lord, I pray to you each night and day
Talking freely, open and long,
Do not dismiss my prayers, Oh Lord
For I long to serve thee with all my heart.

Lord, please guide me daily
To do as you want,
For I am but a lost sheep,
Waiting for my master to rescue me.

Lord, I know what you seek
For you command my soul
I do not want to sleep
Without you by my soul.

Lord, thank you
For always being among us all,
And for finding me when I was lost
I seek you blessings from on high
I am your servant forever more.
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