Inspiring Transition Page 2

Inspiring Transition Page 2

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2016

Page 1 of Inspiring Transitions

For sake of privacy, let me just give her the fictitious name of Sally. You see, Sally has an Early Childhood Education Certificate. She loves children and thoroughly enjoys being involved in the care and development of pre-school children.

Sally told me that she recently moved to another city. After finding a place to live, she immediately began to look for work in her chosen field.

Within a matter of days, she was hired by a large day care operator. She thought she had it made.

But, what transpired was not what she wanted.

Not What Was Wanted
The daycare was a real let down. Each day she went to work, she was more and more displeased with the approach taken by the daycare management. There was little time devoted to care and development or to ensuring a comfortable environment.

The focus of this daycare was more attuned to enrolling as many children as possible with the intent to increase the profit margin.

Now, as she stated, there is nothing wrong with making a decent living but what started to play on her mind was the extreme focus on money rather than the quality of care provided.

And, not only was the focus on making as much money as possible but it was also how they dealt with their staff.

Sally told me that after only a couple of weeks, she started to . . . . . .

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