Inspiring Transition Page 3

Inspiring Transition Page 3

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2016

Inspiring Transitions Page 2

. . . feel depressed at work. You see, she loved children; she loved helping others develop; and enjoyed immensely developing an environment enriched with different learning themes, or alternating new decorations that she would use to enhance learning.

But, her Supervisor soon made it abundantly clear that she was not allowed to use resources in this way without approval.

Sally was a person who lived for inspiring young children, but in her circumstances she was blocked at every turn. So, what could she do?

The Risk Of Staying Put
Let’s return for a moment to what we were discussing earlier on in this article.

Sally could choose to keep working in the same daycare enduring the same problems day after day. Like many thousands of people who continue to work in environments that they detest, Sally could have easily stayed where she was unafraid to leave because she might risk not being able to get another job.

Some people have remained in jobs for many, many years all the while aspiring to do something else. That something else may be a job that is more challenging, or one that fulfills an inner desire, or a job that simply allows them to earn more money.

The sad fact is that many people who remain in the same job or career just for the money are some of the most miserable people you would ever want to meet.

Money Does Not Equal Happiness
When you stay in a job simply for the money, do you look forward to rising in the morning? Do you arrive at work enthusiastic? Are you disappointed when you have to finish for the day? The plain truth is this: . . . . . .

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