Inspiring Transition Page 4

Inspiring Transition Page 4

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2016

Inspiring Transitions Page 3

. . . . when you work for money all you get is more and more dissatisfied with your life. You find yourself detesting Sunday evenings because you realize that your weekend is coming to an end and far too soon you will have to go back to work your dislike.

Here is another fact. Money does not buy happiness. Do you think I’m wrong? If you’ve ever dreamed about buying that special house, or that expensive automobile, or acquiring a summer cottage you’ll find that after the purchase has lost its’ appeal, you crave even more. Is this happiness or is it more a constant desire to find that one perfect thing that will make you happy?

The truth is that you will never find that special something that makes you permanently happy because it is not things that create a satisfied life.

Back To Sally
Sally was making good money working at a daycare that she became more and more dissatisfied with. Each day became more and more of a challenge as she started to experience additional stress and fatigue. Her mood didn’t change either when she got home. Her relationship started to deteriorate with terrible moody periods, outbursts, and spontaneous crying.

A Critical Decision
Unlike thousands of other people, however, Sally knew that she could not continue to work in her current environment. And, different than many, many others, she knew that no amount of money would lead to happiness or fulfillment.

Sally took action. She didn’t just think about leaving and not do anything. She took action. It was clear to her that what she was about to do wasn’t without risk either. She decided to quit and search for a more fulfilling daycare position regardless of how much money she would lose.

What inspired her to take action? It certainly wasn’t a decision that would see her make more money. Instead, it was a decision about being true to her love of working and developing children. In Sally’s case, she left the daycare without knowing if she would find another position in her field. Yes, she took a risk but . . . . .

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