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Lessons from the Heart Room

Book Review
Lessons from the Heart Room
By J. Q. Hannah
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A book that tells the story of one woman’s challenges from childhood to adulthood. A story that involves bullying, the battle of depression, and self doubt.

While the story has many twists and turns, the ending is one that surprised me. The author vividly expresses many emotions during some very challenging times.

Inspirational Quotes we like from the book:

Everyone has to overcome something if not many things along the path of life.

Life isn’t always fair. That’s a fact. That’s part of the mystery and challenge of life.

All children are immature by definition and for that they must be given grace, guidance and encouragement rather than judgment.

But happiness isn’t determined from the outside looking in.

Sometimes good can come from bad.

Regardless of anything that has happened to you, you have to take ownership of how you feel, how you respond.

If you force yourself to stop and acknowledge the positives and give thanks for those things, it’s much easier to put what is bothering you into perspective.

When people decide to pursue the dream in the tangible real world, they find out a lot. They discover how much courage it takes to do something when there is no guarantee of success.

All experiences are what they are, good and bad, but they are all powerful gifts.

If you are looking for a story of success then this book may be one you may want to read. Lessons From The Heart Room is available at Amazon.

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