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Christmas Notes

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Christmas Notes
What would your note need to say?

By Clint G. Cox
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Have you ever sat down to read a book and found you could not put it down until you finished it? Well, this is one of those books. I started reading the book and found I had to keep reading it until I finished it. A wonderful book that is full of inspiration with a story about a little girl who touched the hearts of many.

Clint G. Cox, a plumber by day is the author of Christmas Notes. While he may be a good plumber, he is a wonderful storyteller. He has a writing style that keeps you involved. While reading the book you may find you can relate to different parts of the story.

When you finish reading the book you may find yourself thinking about what your “note” would say.

We would highly recommend this book for all ages. It is a book that you can read and relate to not only at Christmas but also year round. The book is available at Amazon.

Still not convinced then take the time to read the preface, the introduction and about the Author – it will give you a sense of the type of book it is. A wonderful book that has a great story!

We all go through patterns during our lives that put us either closer to or further from happiness. Over the years, I have discovered that true happiness comes from our relationship with our family and from our faith. For this reason, I wrote this story for my children. I wrote it to help them realize that when it seems as if there is no hope, all they have to do is open their hearts and seek out what is most important. If we can all do this, then we will find a greater joy than we could ever imagine.

Even though this story is fictional, we can all relate to the feelings and patterns that the characters go through. It does not matter which point of the cycle we are in during our lives. If we can change our focus to the truths in life, then we can, and will, find joy. Although we may not always have a Seanna there to remind us of what is important, I do believe that if we keep our hearts open and look for the signs that will show us happiness, then we will certainly find the happiness we seek.

Christmas is the time of year when most people’s hearts seem to be more open and more reachable. I hope this story will fill your heart with joy during this Christmas season and for years to come.

Thanks for reading.
Clint G. Cox

Why is it that the world seems to change during the Christmas holiday season? People seem to be friendlier, family seems to be more on the mind, and, somehow, the worries of life seem to not weigh so heavy on the heart. Oh, I realize that perhaps it is not like this for everybody. It has not always been like that for me. In fact, it was just the opposite. I did not seem to care about this season at all. I just never gave much attention to it. I went through the motions that everybody expects you to: bout a tree, put lights on the house, and gave gifts to others. Then, one Christmas I received a special gift. It was not a tie, or sweater, or even a gadget that lights up and plays a tune. It was a person. A person who, in a very simple way, helped me understand the true meaning of Christmas, which in turn helped me learn the true meaning of life.

About the Author
Which is mightier: the pipe wrench or the pen? Clint Cox is a talented new author who has been waiting to unleash his craving to write. He has been writing short stories since high school because of the joy it brings him. He also loves to gather children around him and entertain them with magical fairytales stories of his own design.

Clint first gained his love for writing in a high school English class. He chose not to pursue writing as a career due to his difficulty with spelling. Instead eh went to college to study psychology, primarily business psychology, trying to figure out ho to tap in to the emotions of man. Clint has a slight case of dyslexia, which affects his spelling. Thank goodness for spell check! Some people told him that this disability would be a hindrance to him throughout his life. He strives harder every day to prove them wrong. Like other dyslexic people who have strengths that help them compensate for their disability, he has a unique ability to create and to touch people’s lives.

Since he decided not to share his writings, he case instead to focus on business and to speak to the public whenever possible. He enjoys speaking in front of groups and releasing some of that creativeness that is hiding inside. He has had many opportunities to do this with his church and in business settings.

Clint has a passion for business, which also lets him unleash some of his creativity. He has started several businesses during his life, most of which are still successful today. Clint is still very active in his plumbing company. Yes, that is right. He is a plumber, and he loves doing his job . . . well most days.

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