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The Blessed Life

Book Review
The Blessed Life
The Simple Secret of Achieving Guaranteed Financial Results
By Robert Morris
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I wrote a review on for this book. Please take a minute and read it. The review tells our story of financial challenges and what happen to us.

While I have read many books in my lifetime and many of them have had a positive influence on my life, this book, The Blessed Life, has not only influence but has changed my life.

In the introduction of this book, Robert Morris says,“You see, if every believer understood and applied the simple principles I am about to present, it would literally bring revival to the world.” And after reading and applying the principles of the book I agree 100%!

I would highly recommend you read this book with faith and an open mind. Try the suggestions you the book you may be amazed with what happens in your life!

The book is available in print and on kindle at Amazon.On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) I would give this book a 10!

Inspirational Quotes from the Book:

“It seemed the more we gave, the more God gave to us.”

“God doesn’t need you to give – you need to be blessed.”

“When we start thinking that most of our problems can be solved by having more money, it’s a sign we’re under the influence of the spirit of mammon.”

“What I’m trying to help us see is that it is not how much we have that matters – it is whose it is. If we belong to God, then it’s His money, not ours.”

“God doesn’t want us to catch the vision of getting. He wants us to catch the vision of giving.”

“Remember, God has caused you to be a river, not a reservoir. The water in a river is pure and clean, but the water in a reservoir is contaminated.”

“This is the great paradox of living the blessed life: when we give without thought to whether or not we will receive, then we receive.”

“God wants us to be generous, gracious, knind-hearted and compassionate.”

“Yes, God rewards and blesses us when we give. However, the most precious and lasting blessings that come are often the ones no one can see.”

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