Inspirational Books Page 4

Inspirational Books Page 4

Reviewed by or Byron Pulsifer:

“Paradise. Lost is a book that, once put down, is very hard to pick up again.”
Samuel Johnson

The Simple Touch of Fate
Edited By Arlene Uslander & Brenda Warneka
When I was younger, things happened in my life that made me wonder if they were a coincidence or was it fate? And now, as the years have passed, I strongly believe in fate — everything happens for a reason.

Worth The Room
Author – Reverend Paul Lachlan Peck, M.ED.
Worth The Room” is the life story of a survivor! It is a story of abuse, of helping others and of success! While reading the book, it drove home the philosophy that life is all about choices. We all have the power to change, no matter what our past experiences. In life, there are times when the challenges we face are enormous, but we are the ones that decide upon the choices we make. Paul Lachlan Peck had to make choices; and the choices he made led him to success.

From the Teacher’s Desk
Author – Jacquie McTaggart
What a wonderful book, if only I had this book when my children were in school! This is a book filled with good advice for parents. Even though my children are now grown and their school days completed, I found the way the book was written kept me wanting to read more and more. Reading this book felt like I was having a personal conversation with the author. Many of the topics she wrote about brought back many memories of raising my children and the issues I had to deal with

A Collection of Wisdom
Author – Rodney Ohebsion
Read the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Wisdom is the daughter of experience.” In this book you will find the wisdom of many experienced people which suits the title “A Collection of Wisdom”. The book offers words of wisdom from people over generations of time. Have you ever read a quotation and wondered about the person who said it? The one thing that makes this book different from other quote books is the research and the information about the authors, and the time period that it was said. It is interesting reading the quotes written many hundreds of years ago and seeing their relevance in today’s society.

Yanni in Words
Author – Yanni with David Rensin
He was born and raised in Greece. His upbringing was a simple one, to quote Yanni, “though our family life was simple, I wasn’t aware that we were poor. Maybe we didn’t have many possessions, but we never went hungry, were cold, or lacked love.”

The Get-To-The-Point Success Reader, Volume 1
Edited by Rodney Ohebsion
Even with technological advancements, changing methods of doing business, and a changed lifestyle there are elements of success that are as applicable today as they were over 50 years ago. Rodney Ohebsion, the editor of the book, “The Get-To-The-Point Success Reader, Volume 1”, has taken the works of Napoleon Hill, Orison Swett Marden, Samuel Smiles, Herbert N. Casson, and Charles F. Haanel and selected sections of their work that are key to success, not only during the time these authors wrote them but for today’s time. Rodney has eliminated sections that are no longer relevant today. He also gives you a brief biography of each author.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Author – Aron Ralston
We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless. And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action. In this book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Aron Ralston finds himself in a life or death situation, and ends up taking the drastic action of amputating his right arm. He could have given up, he could have felt sorry for himself, but he kept focused on freeing himself.

Dream It Do It
Authors – Sharon Cook & Graciela Sholander
Have you ever looked at a successful person and wonder how they became successful? In this wonderful, easy to read book not only do you find stories of peoples’ successes, but you also find the challenges they faced, and how they overcame those challenges. To quote the authors: “Life can knock us down flat. It’s our measure of resilience that determines whether or not we’ll keep dreaming and reaching for our dreams.”

Feeling Your Way Through Life
Author – David DeNotaris
David is happily married with a son and two daughters, and has a wonderful career. He is a nationally known speaker, a best selling author and a world champion athlete. As you read this you’ll probably think life has been good to David. And yes, I would agree with that, however, it is one that has not been without challenges.

Author – Richard Bach
Have you ever read a book that made you stop and think? One that is different than all the others? Over the past weekend I read Richard Bach’s book, “one”. It is a book that is written in a story format; one that has many messages in it and one that makes you stop and think.

Messiah’s Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul
Author – Richard Bach
The book that disappeared, coincidentally reappears and Richard Bach has now published it. It is a book filled with wisdom and thought provoking statements that will make you stop and think. It is a book that you can read all in one sitting (exactly what I did when I received it!). Or, it is a book that you can open to any page, and read that page, and reflect on it.

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