Life An Adventure

Life An Adventure


Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all.”

Is your perception of life similar to Helen Keller’s?

Do you see life as an adventure? Adventures can offer personal challenges and open new horizons. How you perceive these challenges will determine your ability to find success, a by-product of which is happiness.

If you allow challenges to defeat you then you will not enjoy the adventure! On the other hand, though, if life’s challenges are perceived as stepping stones, as learning experiences, your chances for success and happiness are greatly increase.

Enjoy This Adventure Called Life!
There is no doubt that some people would refuse to think that life is an appealing adventure where they seem to prefer to think that life is either a real drag filled with hardship or feel that life is simply a whole bunch of routines repeated over and over again.

Life is only what you make it and it is a choice that you make everyday not every month or every year.

Sometimes people assume that life is dull and boring with little spark to behold. That is really not true. Life is a wondrous adventure where everything can be experienced through bright and shining stars of eyes wide with excitement. I have also wondered why people can only see through rose-colored glasses? Is it because they are spoiled with dreams that see constantly portrayed through movies or TV, or hear or read about those buying huge mansions and fancy boats and cars? The really sad thing is that if you really want something that bad, we, in North America, are only as limited as we design our lives to be.

Life Is To Short
Life is far too short for some of us where new adventures are looming on the horizon if we only had more time to run over the next hill. It is not that we are sitting around waiting for retirement or that big lottery win in order to run over the next horizon; it is because we are far too busy enjoying and experiencing every aspect of what life has to offer.

Can you see yourself questing for that next adventure? If you do, you are among only the few who value what there is already in your life and not hoping to live some else’s life. For those who can’t see life as a continuous adventure, are in the majority unfortunately where each day of work is another day of drudgery and every weekend is far too short before the return to the banal and boring days of the workweek where each day just simply runs into another and the same routine is hardly exciting.

Change Your . . .
Change your thoughts, change your habits, and you will change your life. Life is there for you unfolding only as narrow as you can see or as broad as an ocean where everything is available as you sail constantly to new and different horizons.

So, if you find yourself in the doom and gloom of every day seeming like the one before it, it is time to alter what you not only see but also what you experience. One way to start changing what and how you experience life is to start to think about what you already have. For example, if you have a job, you are fortunate, and if you have the skills to change jobs, why not start looking for a job that is a little more exciting and new and that offers you a new challenge; an opportunity to learn and grow in order to refresh your mind and spark your interest. What about joining community groups and volunteering a little of your time so you can appreciate what others are experiencing and then, just maybe, you will realize that you are not so bad off after all.

A Choice
Always remember that happiness is not something you will find outside of you, it is already within you. You make the choice every day. Reflect on the blessings you have, set goals to keep you focused on the direction you want your life to go, but, most importantly, enjoy and be happy with each day as it comes!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.” Helen Keller

“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” Helen Keller

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