Motivational Poems Page 1

Motivational Poems Page 1

Send A Drop Of Kindness
Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2012

Send a drop of kindness,
And see a happy face.
A drop of kindness goes real far,
It may even reach outer space.

Send a drop of love,
And feel a loving embrace.
It feels so good to feel like,
You are in the right place.

Send a drop of hope,
But be that shinning star.
Hope is wonderful to have,
But sometimes you can’t sit away so far.

Send a drop of faith,
With a single prayer.
And God will show the way,
As faith is always there.

Send a drop of kindness, and see a happy face.
“Send a drop of kindness,
and see a happy face.”

Motivational Quotes

Making Life Worth While
Poet: George Eliot

Every soul that touches yours –
Be it the slightest contact –
Get there from some good;
Some little grace; one kindly thought;
One aspiration yet unfelt;
One bit of courage
For the darkening sky;
One gleam of faith
To brave the thickening ills of life;
One glimpse of brighter skies –
To make this life worthwhile
And heaven a surer heritage.

Seeing The Cuteness
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

Cuteness comes in many forms,
And seen on every day.
If you want to see something cute,
Open your eyes and filter out the gray.

Too many of us are cuteness blind,
And see only shades of gray.
We allow ourselves to become too busy,
And leave no room for play.

When you allow happier shades to come through,
And you start to look for the cute.
You’ll realize all you have been missing,
As cute should never be put on mute.

To see a life with so much cuteness,
Is to see a life through the eyes of your heart.
And our heart is full of love and kindness,
It would be like seeing only the good parts.

Kind Words
Poet: Daniel Clement Colesworthy

A little word in kindness spoken,
A motion or a tear,
Has often healed the heart that’s broken,
And made a friend sincere.

A word – a look – has crushed to earth
Full many a budding flower,
Which, had a smile but owned its birth,
Would bless life’s darkest hour.

Then deem it not an idle thing,
A pleasant word to speak;
The face you wear, the thoughts you bring,
A heart may heal or break.

Then deem it not an idle thing, a pleasant word to speak;
“Then deem it not an idle thing,
a pleasant word to speak”

Words of Encouragement

Pass This Way
Poet: Author Unknown

Through this toilsome world, alas!
Once and only once I pass;
If a kindness I may show,
If a good deed I may do

To a suffering fellow man,
Let me do it while I can.
No delay, for it is plain
I shall not pass this way again.

By Priscilla Leonard

Forget each kindness that you do
As soon as you have done it.
Forget the praise that falls to you
The moment you have won it.
Forget the slander that you hear
Before you can repeat it.
Forget each slight, each spite, each sheer
Wherever you may meet it.

Remember every kindness done
To you, whate’er its measure.
Remember praise by others won
And pass it on with pleasure.
Remember every promise made
And keep it to the letter.
Remember those who lend you aid
And be a grateful debtor.

Remember all the happiness
That comes your way in living.
Forget each worry and distress;
Be hopeful and forgiving.
Remember good, remember truth,
Remember Heaven’s above you,
And you will find, through age and youth,
True joys and hearts to love you.

Forget each kindness that you do
As soon as you have done it.
“Forget each kindness that you do
as soon as you have done it.”


When We Share
Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2012

When we share with someone else,
Something valuable to us
You may find out later on,
To them they feel they were blessed.

Some of us have lots to give,
And some of us do not.
If someone could benefit,
Why not give them a shot.

Sharing is a wonderful thing,
Especially to those you’ve shared with.
There are a lot of kind people out there,
And that is not a myth.

So next time you see someone,
Who could benefit from something you can share.
Don’t hold back and look away,
Be kind and answer their prayer.

Don't hold back and look away
“Don’t hold back
and look away.”

Helping Others

Gentle, Just and Kind
Poet: Edith H. Shank

No tranquilizer can be found
Through any magic art
As fine as that which must abound
Within a peaceful heart.

No drug or dope can take the place
Of peace within the mind,
Of those who have the friendly grace
To be gentle, just, and kind.

Swift Kindnesses
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

“Swift kindnesses are best,” I love this phrase.
It argues healthy zest; enthusiastic ways.
It wells up from the heart, not from the cautious mind.
“To-day,” it cries, “we’ll start to be exceeding kind.”

“Swift kindnesses are best,” Oh charming phrase,
expressing love’s behest – be swift to praise.
It is a splendid race when word and deed
strive for first place, responsive to grief’s need.

Proverbs, like fashions, alter; but not this one.
Delay not, never falter when kindness should be done.
For happy Christmas tide, no need to wait.
A burdened heart has sighed? Then be not late.

“Swift kindnesses are best.” Brook no delay.
Compassion in the heart has right of way.
So practise not restraint; to prudence do not bow;
the weary one and faint needs your swift kindness now.

Poet: Shakira Wilkerson, ©2018

What is education?
Education has change it faces so many times over the centuries.
From our forefathers when they weren’t allowed to read or write.
From women being treated unfairly and putting stipulations on them due to their gender.
What is “education”?
To know where there is no child left behind.
To where children today, don’t want to learn.

What is “education”?
To know where politicians says one thing but do the exact opposite for our school system.
Now today where our candidates ask for votes on the school board, but there’s no change.
The only thing that changes are the names on the ballot to vote.

So, what is “EDUCATION”?
Education is the freedom to read and write.
Our forefathers fought to bring equality for all and everyone to have an education.
Many leaders, educators and activists paved the way so you, I, him and her can receive the knowledge to expand our horizon.

So “education” is the key to life.
Let’s not take education for granted.
My brothers, my sisters, every boy and girl�
Appreciate education and use it to take you to greater heights and places to explore.

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