My Motivational Magnet

My Motivational Magnet

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You may think it a bit strange that I have a favourite motivational magnet and it rests in plain site on my refrigerator when I have literally thousands of great motivational and inspirational messages and quotes to choose from right at my fingertips.

A Quote That Motivates Me
Well, I find that this quote really motivates me to get on with what I am doing or want to do because I see it first thing in the morning on each and every day. The quote goes like this:

“Follow your DREAMS, transform your LIFE.”

A Dream I Had
Many years ago, I had a dream; this dream had to do with being the best I could be, learning the most I could learn, and making it to the top of an organization I worked for. Well, I lived my dream day in and day out, took risks, moved away from my family to continue my quest, set about studying at night to earn further and necessary credentials, and after many years, I accomplished what started out as a dream.

And Today, It Has More Meaning
The quote above is still with me to this day. And, it is even more valid today. You see, I left that company several years ago to follow a new dream. The new dream meant that I had to start over again with a lot to learn and many challenges. That dream is still alive and well today despite the obstacles, challenges and setbacks. But, through all those challenges, it never occurred to me to quit; just the opposite.

Times Were Not Always Easy
Just because you have a dream doesn’t mean the road is going to be easy. In fact, to follow one’s dream can often mean enduring more than you ever have before, moving completely out of your comfort zone of security from what you already know, spending hours upon hours of hard work not ever sure that the path is paved or full of pot holes.

If The Road Is Bumpy
So, why follow your dream if the road is bumpy? The easiest way to explain this is to say that it is a dream that you own and does not belong to anyone else, nor is it living a life that is dictated by other people be that an employer or a company. It is a dream that makes you excited to get up in the morning knowing that you have full control of your own destiny and what you do or do not do is your choice.

What Is Your Dream
It is easier, I admit, to follow along on a course less difficult where the only decision is to get up in the morning and go to work and do your best. And, while there is certainly nothing wrong with this path of life, if it is not your dream, then you are simply denying yourself what could have been.

Inspirational Quotes To Consider
“The great thing about dreaming is that it costs nothing. But, sometimes, it does take courage to dream. My feeling is that it is well worth the courage to achieve those things that you have only dreamed about.” M.S. Rodgers, Psy., Susan Ripley

“When you move forward day after day taking action towards your dreams, there is no way you won’t make it!” Sandra Leon

“You really do have the power to create your dream life through setting goals. To achieve them, you must put forth the effort.”Amber Rain

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