Only A Few Words

Only A Few Words


What does it take to help a person move to better performance, or tochange a behavior? In a lot of cases it doesn’t take as much as youmay at first think.

Love To Learn
There are a number of people who love to learn,who would love to find out how to do something but have never had theguidance and, therefore, have little or no confidence to try and do iton their own.

I had the opportunity over the years to help and to encourage a widenumber of people including a lot of my own colleagues as well as thosewho were caught in the justice system on the wrong side of the fence.

Recently, though, I have been able to help a young man becomeconfident in a different way.

One of my hobbies, over the years, is to repair and renovate a numberof houses. Some of these have been those belonging to friend andfamily, and some have been my own since I have moved quite frequently.

With these skills, I have had a wonderful time always enjoying workingwith my hands and able to see and use the results of my efforts.

Building Confidence
The young man, I referred to, was recently married and decided to buyan older home as their first investment. There wasn’t much reallywrong with the house that elbow grease and tender loving care couldnot repair.

In fact, from my previous experiences renovating, this wasa cakewalk – in other words, a very easy project to take on.

However,to this young man, it appeared to be a huge mountain that he had beenasked to climb without the aid of hiking or climbing boots.

The truth is that he . . . . .

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