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Patience Tested

Author: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2017

Does a day go by that your patience is tested? Are you the type of person whose patience crumbles at the least provocation? Well, the test of patience is the emotional challenge not to be taken lightly. If you find your patience tested almost everyday then you are not alone. For example, police officers, taxi drivers, nurses, teachers, parents, and so on experience a daily dose of patience testing whether they want to or not.

Patience Tested Beyond Capacity

Do you ever have your patience tested, that is really tested? I am convinced that each one of us has had to hold our temper, or tongue a lot more than once. On the other hand, there are thousands of others who have what some people call a hair trigger in that they are easily provoked to outbursts of temper or a wicked and hurtful tongue. Does a hair trigger temper mean that you are forever doomed to fly off the handle while others seem to be able to handle issues or situations a lot easier?

Benefits Of Patience

The ability to handle stressful situations is a developed skill of exercising patience. If you are able to develop this skill, you will be rewarded with reduced stress levels and overall happiness and health. When you learn and practice patience you don’t get as angry, stressed or overwhelmed. You are more in control of your emotions and in a better position to deal with difficult situations with ease and poise.

How To Develop Patience

While it is easy to tell someone to develop patience, this development may be easier said than done. So, how does one develop patience? Here are just a few suggestions that may help you.

The first suggestion is to begin your day, that is, as soon as you wake up, with the thought that you are going to practice being patient with everyone you meet for the entire. Plant this thought firmly in your mind as you go about your morning routine, as you go on your way to work, and with every co-worker throughout the day. A new habit starts with small steps repeated over time. Stick with this thought process and you’ll be surprised what you discover what patience you can develop.

The second suggestion is to slow down. If you have the tendency to rush around and try to get things done in a hurry or you want everything to be done immediately and can’t wait for things to take their natural course, simply stop. Take stock of what you are doing; in essence, you are the one creating the problem not the things that need to be done. Nothing, other than people, can cause you to do anything. Stay in control and do not let worldly things, tasks, assignments control you. Take several deep breaths before you act or before you decide to initiate an action.

The third suggestion is that you stop and think before you utter one word. Take time to think through what it is you are about to say. And, before you say anything, think about how someone else may react to what you were about to say. If your comments would be viewed as an attack, do not say what you were about to say. If your words were belittling, demeaning, arrogant, deceitful, or embarrassing, don’t say it. The consequences of blurting out harmful or hurtul comments may cause you to lose credibility or even cost you a friend.

Patience Or Action

But, not all situations call for patience; instead, some situations demand that action be taken immediately – this action does not necessarily imply that you are temper driven, or verbally hostile. It means, instead, that you address the situation with considerate action but action that delivers a very strong and clear message of what is required or needed.


For example, if you have a small child, it does them little good at all to be allowed to continue destructive or damaging behavior like hitting another child. In this case, it is not a matter of patience but more a matter of discipline. A child should be taught at an early age what is acceptable behavior and what is not and a time out does not hurt them at all. In fact, teachings a child the difference between discipline and punishment will train them well for future years.

Patience Tested At Work

If you also find at some point in your career that you are in a supervisory role, you are bound to have your patience tested by the actions or reactions of some of your subordinates. Or, on the other hand, if you work in a team environment with several colleagues you will surely encounter patience testing on many days or through many projects.

Some of these supervisory actions, though, are way beyond the realm of patience even though working with adults calls for a fair bit of latitude. A situation that calls for more than patience, or looking the other way often occurs when you witness one employee harass, belittle, or ridicule another staff in front of other employees. In this case, action is required on the part of the supervisor to indicate clearly why the action is not welcomed, and what behavior is expected. What you need to do is be clear on expectations especially if you want to ensure that each person has been adequately instructed on policies and expectations. What does this say about patience?

It says that as a supervisor or team leader, patience needs to be modeled in every situation whether that is reinstructing employees on rules or procedures that have already been communicated before, or whether that means exercising patience and restraint when confronted with an angry employee, or whether that means exercising patience with a hostile client who hurls insult at you that is totally uncalled for.

Patience Not Always Easy

It isn’t always easy to set the tone or circumstances where patience must prevail but then, every situation is quite different and each must be judged at the time. One thing for sure is this: patience is required when we can’t do anything to influence the outcome like when your plane is delayed from taking off due to bad weather, or when you are stuck in a traffic jam with no where to go except to sit where you are. Any other emotion is not only a waste of energy but all it does is elevate your blood pressure. The long and short of any outburst is to make you even more anxious and frustrated.

Patience; exercise it when you have no control and take action when you can alter or influence the situation. The more you elevate your awareness to common issues that test your patience, and the more you seriously attempt to exercise patience in these situations, the easier and less stressful your life will be.

The following inspirational quotes all have elements of patience within them; take a few minutes and read each one, grasp its meaning and determine if it applies to your life.

“Be patient with your dreams. Be patient with yourself. Amazing things will happen.” N. C. Harley

“The more patient we are, the more understanding we become.” William Arthur Ward

“As long as we have hope, we have direction, the energy to move, and the map to move by.” Hong Kong Proverb

“In a good relationship, it is a must to forgive, have patience, and expect the best from our partner.” Rudi Zimmerer, Enjoy Your Life Now!

“Achievement comes through persistence, patience, seeing life’s obstacles as stepping stones to success.” Byron Pulsifer

“Be patient. Small actions can result in enormous changes, but it can take time to reap the rewards.” Angela Atkinson, Create the Life You Want

“Simply put, patience is in short supply. And considering how technology has evolved and how our cultural discussion about technology and its relationship to ourselves is, don’t expect patience to make a comeback as a prized cultural value.” Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character

“The hard times are going to come; the difficult times of parenting children will try our patience. Babies will stay up late at night or get up in the middle of the night when we had never taken any sleep, but we need to always remind ourselves that no matter how hard the time is, it’s just a season and it will pass.” Melony Buenger, Take the Time: You Are a Good Mom

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