Poems about Determination

Poems about Determination

Be encouraged by these poems about determination. May you find the verses inspiring.

Poet: Louise Mount

I will not let life conquer me,
I will above it rise.
And when the dark gloom round
I’ll glance into the skies.

I will not let the little things
Annoy me hour by hour:
I’ll turn away and look to see
His beauty in a flower.

I will not let this earthly house
Keep all my thoughts in clay.
My soul must always listen
To what the angels say.

I will not let myself forget
Some loveliness I see,
For surely I may carry it
Into eternity.

I will not let this little span
Mark a time of weeping;
A golden voice will whisper that
I am in His keeping.

So welcome, life, in soft white robe
Or in a scarlet dress,
Oh, play with me and baffle me;
I have my happiness.

How you react to the worst . . .
how you perform under withering fire . . .
your creativity under fire . . .
your ability to stay positive and enthusiastic under fire . . .
your ability to run over, under, or through massive roadblocks . . .
your ability to turn lemons to lemonade . . .
your relentlessness in the face of a withering flurry of punches in the face . . .
that is what will determine your level of success.
Wayne Allyn Root, The Power of Relentless

Poet: Hal Cochran

If you really decide you can clean up a task,
You can go right ahead, then, and do it.
‘Cause where is the fellow who falls down,
I ask, when he makes up his mind to go to it?

There are too many people, the whole world around,
Who spend most of their best time at fretting.
Instead of at labor, they’re generally found
Just thinkin ’bout where they are getting.

The man who comes walkin ahead of the crowd,
Is naturally known as the worker.
Of course he has reason to feel much more proud
Than the fellow who’s really a shirker.

The worry and wonder that most people
Do are things quite disast’rous you’ll find.
One key to success, that helps carry you through,
Is the strength to just make up your mind.

Inspirational Quotes about Determination
“In ancient philosophy there is an unmistakable effort to postulate the human being as determined through one’s own thought, self-sufficient and detached from natural influences and divine forces. On the other hand, the concept was also controversial. In particular from a religious point of view the claim of man to self-determination could seem presumptuous.” Jorg Fisch, The Right of Self-Determination of Peoples

The attitude you bring, the determination you have, the goals you set all will result in the type of year that you will have. So let your attitude be positive, your determination be strong, and regarding your goals don’t just set them take action every day to achieving them. Theodore W. Higginsworth

Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger. Instead of getting angry nurture a deep caring and respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance and patience. Dalai Lama

While seemingly existing in degrees, we tend to believe that we have positive or negative self-esteem and that we make that determination simply by how we feel about ourselves. Lucas Cunningham, Self-Esteem: Improve & Change Your Life Journey Now

Attainment doesn’t mean simplicity or ease in accomplishment, but means we go after that objective with not only a mind and a will to achieve, but also the determination to follow the actions through necessary to make it happen. Michael Lombardi, The 5 AM Club

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