Possible To Give Gifts

Possible To Give Gifts

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It is more than possible to give gifts without costing you a red penny. And, these gifts are yours to give as often as you want and to as many as you want – there is no limitation.

Here are just a few gifts to give when you want:

The gift of love
You can show your love for anyone you wish that is close to you as often as you want. These gifts of love can be a little hug, a few soft words spoken, the holding of hands as you walk along the sidewalk, or an endearing and love given, quiet dinner.

The gift of listening
This gift means that you listen and not barge in with your own thoughts. It means that you hear openly and attentively with every sense you have.

You can show and give affection to those you meet whether that is old friends or distant relatives. It is all these little gestures of affection that conveys as much or more than the spoken word.

The gift of laughter
Provides that uplifting music to the ears of those around you. It isn’t a bad thing to be fondly remembered as having a distinctive laugh – it is a compliment. Laughter is what makes a home warm, and what makes a work place human.

The gift of a well deserved compliment
Never regret or refrain from passing on compliments. Compliments mean so much to so many people and, unfortunately, they are not given as often as they should. It doesn’t take much to give an honest compliment for a job well done at work to an employee or colleague, to a family member, to a friend or to someone who has gone out of their way to help someone that you know or have simply heard about.

The gift of forgiveness
The attribute of forgiving those that have done wrong, or who have made a mistake is a gift that puts you out in front of many others, and makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable within your inner self. There is nothing more debilitating than harboring ill feelings – they do not assist with anything positive and can lead to internalizing ill feelings causing you health problems especially those ill feelings held over a long time.

The gift of a thought
And, who doesn’t appreciate a little hand written note sent from time to time. There is something very special about a handwritten note for it conveys clearly that you have enough respect, or warmth for the recipient to take the time to write especially in this world of email and other techi devices.

Give freely and often
Each one of these gifts can be used daily, weekly or monthly without wearing out the joy that they bring to others.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Because you will soon come to realise that you have nothing to fear by giving to others because God will always replace what you’ve given away and more.”Dave Aschaiek

“There are many things in life that are beyond our control. But there are few things in life that are beyond our power of choice and our ability to make lemonade from lemons if we just put our minds to it while we focus on the gifts of the present.” Julie Donner Andersen

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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