Quote of The Year

Quote of The Year

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There are many new year quotes that inspire me, and people often ask me of all the quotes I read and find how do I pick “one” quote of the year. The answer is every year there seems to be one that has special meaning. One that I share more with others. Some quotes seem to have more meaning than others. As each year progresses I come across quotes that are meaningful to me, I keep a journal where I write each of these quotes down and then at the end of each year I reflect and reread the quotes I have written down. So the quote here is one that has had the most impact on me and on our readers.

So when I send out my new year wishes I include the quote that has made the most impact to my friends and family. Sometimes I will include a short new year poem for them to reflect on. But, the quote is usually the one that is most popular. So below is the quote that has had the most impact this year. I hope you find it inspiring and encouraging and it is one that you will share with others.

Quotation of The Year
What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

“What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.”

This quote is a great one to start each and every day. The coming year has 365 days in it, and you can use them wisely, or you can waste them.

The Amazing Thing
The amazing thing about this coming year is that every one of us has one thing in common: we all have 365 days.

The difference between us is how we use our days. Successful people understand these words and live each day knowing they will never have it again. They do what needs to be done, whether they like it or not. They have focus, and know what it is they want to accomplish. And, most importantly, they take action and do it.

So Many People Make Wishes
And that is all they do – wish. They never take action; they think and talk about it, start a few things but not finish anything. A saying that is worthy to note: “Never confuse motion with action”.

Those people who start they day off on the wrong foot by believing that they will have a bad day because of what already has happened do not understand this basic principle of using each day to its fullest. Instead, they seem to believe that a day of being frustrated is just another bad day. But, we make what each day is by our own thoughts and actions and how we translate any adverse circumstances that come across our path.

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