Sharing Wisdom

Sharing Wisdom

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Over the last few years, my wife has been sending out a free weekly motivational newsletters filled with thoughts and words of wisdom some of which either she wrote, or me, or inspirational words from other authors. Each one of these newsletters also contains a series of wisdom quotes and inspirational quotesthat compliment the main message of the newsletter. Our hope in sending this out is that we make a positive difference in people’s daily lives. Sometimes reading the words of others can influence and encourage us.

Does It Make A Difference?
And, over the years, from time to time, we often wonder whether these newsletters are used, or appreciated or for that matter even read. But then once and awhile, we receive an email from one of our readers telling how much the newsletter means to them, and how much it has helped them with a challenging situation.

A Small Thanks Means A Lot
I suppose, like everyone else, we like to be appreciated for our efforts even if it is only a once and awhile thing. The thank you emails serve to encourage us to keep publishing our newsletter and to provide words of wisdom to all our readers around the world. Every time we receive a note from one of our readers telling us how the message in our newsletter or from our site has encouraged them it truly inspires us to keep on working at it.

And, there are times when we face challenges in our own life and just doing the research or reading a specific quote reminds us and changes our thinking on the situation.

Reaching A Greater Audeince
The fantastic breath of the Internet makes communication with a large audience possible every week whereas just a few short years ago the only way to effectively communicate with a large audience was through publishing a book.

A Former Challenge Now Overcome
But, the drawback to book publishing was that it not only had to be distributed far and wide but the individual book had to be purchased. The real challenge for a lot of people would have depended on whether they were aware of the book, or able to find the book, and whether they could afford to but it. The Internet has allowed us to be in touch with a growing audience and an audience that does not have to buy a book or even try to find it.

One of the other aspects to the value of . . .

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