Smart Objectives

Smart Objectives

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2017

Smart objectives may not turn out to be smart after all. The process, however, of setting smart objectives is to know the strength of being prepared through the development of a proper plan or strategy.

Not Every Objective Is Smart

Great, you have your plan well organized, it is written in specific detail with each action step laid out like a model builder who has all the parts labeled and ready to start gluing each part in the right order.

So, what do you expect to happen as you go along your merry way and start implementing your plan? Well, like most people, I am sure that you expect that each action step will lead nicely into the next and so on until you arrive at your final destination. Right?

Well, that arrival at your final destination, though, may become derailed. Now what?

Does this derailment mean it is time to give up, a time to throw your ambition out the window, or to start a new and different objective?

Which Smart Objective Is Correct?

Actually, none of the answers are correct. It is entirely possible that your personal derailment may mean that you were too much in a hurry to get to your destination. Maybe, it just wasn’t the right time. Maybe, just maybe you were trying to force a round peg into a square hole. Sometimes, no matter how hard we push, we just run into opposition after opposition, roadblock after roadblock.

Does this not mean, then, that it is time to revise one’s objective or to devise an entirely new objective that can be launched at a later time? Well, there are two possibilities to consider in the scenario.

The first is that you actually had a very smart objective and while you may have been unsuccessful, it may only mean that it is time to devise a different launch date.

Or, secondly, it may mean that your objective was wrong, and not so perfect, but your timely would have been right on the money except for the wrong objective.

Let’s assume, however, that our first conclusion was correct. The following story may give you some insight into this conclusion.

A Meaningful Story

I read a story not long ago about what happens when we try and do things but it is just the wrong time. The story was about a farmer who planted his corn crop but it would not grow no matter what he did. He put down the proper fertilizer before he sowed his seed to give it the nutrients it needed. But, still no growth. What was the matter? Well, in this case, the farmer planted his seed in winter – the wrong season. Seems kind of silly and obvious doesn’t it? Well, the point in the story was just simply this: sometimes it is just the wrong season no matter how much you desire to plant your seeds.

What Is The Message?

So, maybe all that is wrong is that you are in the wrong season. Maybe, it just isn’t the right time to proceed with your plan. Do not discount your plan or action. Instead, sit back and take a hard look at your goals.

I am not suggesting that there is an exact moment in time to institute your plan for this would be to say that you have to wait until just the right moment. This would be wrong because in a lot of situations there is no perfect time or more a right time.

Time To Investigate The Right Things In Failure

If you are wondering if what this title says is ridiculous or not, let me explain. Hidden with failure are gems of wisdom that can be utilized to push your agenda forward no matter what it is. Too often, a failure is seen as the end of the road and anything short of quitting is mere stupidity. But, this kind of thought is totally wrong and is, in fact, stupidity.

The real truth is that all throughout history, those who failed but didn’t quit because of it were the very ones who succeeded. There are numerous examples of failure first and success later within one’s own backyard. For those living in the U.S., there are plenty of examples of people who failed miserably but who, despite their failures, went on to achieve extraordinary success including Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln. Take a few minutes and search the Internet if you do not believe me or if you want a lot more true examples.

A Little Secret That May Save You From Failure

Let me tell you a little secret that usually is known only among some of the most successful people in the world. These people understand that not everything one does can be done alone. In fact, just as the old adage suggests, two heads are often better than one. This means, basically, that before you start on your adventure down the road to launch your project, you take a page out of the play book of successful entrepreneurs.

And, that page says that before you embark one step into your launch whatever that intention is, that you consult with another person or persons who have either gone down a similar road, or a road much like the one you want to travel. By consulting first, you may just avoid some disastrous failure or setback. The consultation process should yield some strategies and methods that have been employed successfully thus saving you from finding out the hard way.

The Golden Rule Of Success

There is one rule that should be at the forefront of any plan or objective. This rule does not mean that you can ignore it unless you want to end up failing to succeed in whatever it is you want to accomplish or it doesn’t mean that you can only use this rule when things are going your way. This rule is simple, short, and sweet. It is the rule that says that persistence pays off. Yes, I know you’ve heard it many times before but it is one rule that is often taken as a given or neglected in some way or the other during the process that leads to final accomplishment.

Do not give up – instead, take a little time to review your action steps and do not expect that everything will fall into place in a normal and orderly fashion. By being persistent and not discouraged and you will find a way to succeed.

Persistence means that you realize that not everything will go the way you thought it would but, instead, your attitude of persistence means that you will keep striving to move forward despite roadblocks, obstacles or challenges. Along with persistence comes a heavy dose of dedication which means that you know you will have to make sacrifices along the way like your time that may have previously been spent with friends.

Putting It Into Play

Smart objectives mean smart planning. Smart planning means that you will consult with those who have previously succeeded in a like area. There are no short cuts to success. Each step is vital and along with each step comes the need to remain focused and to display consistency on the end goal. Just remember this: there never was a successful hockey goal scorer who took his eyes off the puck and neither can you.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

“Studies indicate that the one quality all successful people have is persistence. They’re willing to spend more time accomplishing a task and to persevere in the face of many difficult odds. There’s a very positive relationship between people’s ability to accomplish any task and the time they’re willing to spend on it.” Dr. Joyce Brothers

“With a powerful desire, with a strong determination, and with a commitment to yourself, you can find ways to achieve your goals, and overcome challenges.” Catherine Pulsifer

“But I’ve also found that consistency has always been the major setback in my being able to successfully reach my goal within an ideal amount of time – the more inconsistent I was, the longer it would take for me to get that check mark on my task list.” Eric Thomas

“Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these.” James Whitcomb Riley

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” Lucille Ball

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