Stars Within Reach

Stars Within Reach

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Winter can be a fantastic time to view the stars in the heavens above with clear crisp nights. The stars seem so bright that you feel you can almost reach up and touch them.

Some Stars We Can Reach
But, we all know in reality that the stars above cannot be touched. However, there are plenty of stars here on earth that not only can be touched but also can be grasped firmly.

Add Substance To Catch
Every person living in North America has golden opportunity to attain and retain the grasp of any star you want. It is not just a dream but also more of a quest. Dreams are great except they have no substance. You need to put substance to any dream if you want to catch it, grasp it and hold it just like you were reaching for the stars.

There are far too many opportunities to reach and catch a star that it is always amazing how few people actually accomplish what they dream about. Why is this?

The Thought That Destroys
I believe that one of the most debilitating of human thoughts is that where a perfectly capable person only dreams about reaching a new level or about acquiring a new and better lifestyle but they never take one single step to move forward.

The point is this: there are countless ways to get what you desire, to turn dreams into reality that they could fill an entire book. I am not at all surprised that new immigrants that come to any country in North America take hold of these dreams and make them a reality.

They Teach A Great Lesson
You see, people that have never had the opportunity before they arrived, take the bull by the horns and work, and work to turn their dreams into their reality. They do not see roadblocks, they do not use excuses but all they see is that there are no roadblocks that cannot be overcome.

I am always amazed as well at how many people that were born in North America complain that they cannot get ahead but are unwilling to work, to study, to get off the couch, to give up their TV or parties. The stars are right in front of them but you cannot grab them if you don’t move.

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