The Coach Of Life

The Coach Of Life

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2016

You may have read or seen advertisements in newspapers, magazines or on television that show the benefits of acquiring a life coach. The entire career path of a life coach has changed significantly since the 1980s. What seems to be the trend now is what is termed a Health Coach that encompasses the following: physical well-being; emotional well-being, and cognitive well-being.

Many years ago, one never heard anything about a life coach or a health coach. But, as times have moved forward to our present day, it seems that modern day humans, at least in western cultures, require coaching in order to live a lifestyle that helps people live harmoniously, more happily and more satisfied in the sphere of physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Good health is the first step in developing a pathway to a personal renewal. When you’re healthy, you have more to give to yourself and to those around you. When you maintain a state of health, you have more energy to maintain or develop your personal and professional relationships, for your career, to build or maintain a home, to contribute to your community, to have acceptance of others who need your time and energy, and an opportunity to aid others in developing their own better health routines or habits.

On the other hand, if you don’t have health, you are in a constant state of exhaustion; you feel like you on running your body engine on fumes, or you may be susceptible to a multitude of illnesses. When you feel tired and exhausted throughout the day, then it’s difficult if not impossible to make any changes in your life when you feel miserable, feel as if your energy is insudfficient or non-existent. So, what’s the first step in helping someone? That first step is to change their overall health and part of that change may have to be directed at helping a person change their debilitating habits.

Overall Health
Why is overall health so important? Health affects your entire life from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. It affects your working hours and those hours when you are relaxing or when you are involved in weekend family activities. So, the question is this: what are those aspects of your life that you might need to address, or change or need assistance with? Here are a few examples:

– the proper way to set goals, and how to structure your goals as achievable targets
– how to organize your time to meet both personal and business needs
– devising strategies to overcome roadblocks or fears
– how to declutter your personal and business life
– help in building your communication skills
– strategies that can help you secure a promotion
– discovering the best career or business that satisfies your desires
– escaping the rut you may be in
and a lot more.

Each one of the above mentioned areas can be addressed by a life or health coach. But, do you really need to solicit the support of these types of individuals?

On the other hand, I’m not suggesting that a life coach or what is now often referred to as a health coach, isn’t relative, necessary or needed. What I am saying is that you may not have to engage their services for many of your needs unless of course you are unable to develop your own plan. So, what do I mean when I say develop your own plan? Is there a greater plan that lies within you but you have ignored it or failed to recognize that it is there at all?

Goal Coach
The first step in accomplishing a goal is to first have one. It is not unusual for many people to have difficulty in reaching a goal because they haven’t been able or willing to define what it is they want to achieve. You may find this hard to believe, but there are thousands of people who carry on day to day without taking even a small step towards attaining anything except that which they have been doing. As well, what is often even more surprising is that they don’t seem to even think about doing something else despite the fact that they are not satisfied with what they are currently doing.

These types of people are usually the first to complain about the lack of satisfaction with their job, or lack of money, or difficulty with a relationship, or struggling with a self-designated overall depression with a boring and routine life. And, there are others who seem to go through life putting one foot after the other swaying back and forth or changing direction responding as the winds of life alter direction. They find no comfort in directing their life because there is no direction to grasp hold of.

For Each A Goal
Within the confines of one’s circle of friends and acquaintances may be those who are well versed in directing, guiding and encouraging the development of a goal or goals. The issue may not be that such sources of inspiration are available it is more that you have no inner drive to move beyond that which you already have or do. But, rest assured, something is driving your life whether you recognize it or want to admit it.

For example, you may not essentially have a vision of a goal you want to attain but you are driven by something. You may have a problem that hounds you day after day. This could be the sword of guilt where a memory of past events clouds your entire day spilling into every aspect of your daily activity. Some people’s guilt is so strong that they subconsciously punish themselves even to the point where they undermine their own success. These types of people never look forward to anything beyond what has happened because they feel trapped and blocked from moving forward.

Some carry shards of resentment stemming from a hurt or a pain caused by a loved one, or a close friend. These shards of resentment constantly stab and remind you that you were hurt or wronged. You can never move on because you revisit the hurt or pain.

You may be driven by other aspects of life like an unexplainable fear, or a subconscious or conscious fear. These fears could be the result of a devastating childhood event, or a recent loss of a loved one, or unrealistic expectations of what others should do or be like. In all of these aspects, there is an overarching problem that keeps you paralyzed often avoiding any risk taking or grabbing onto the status quo as your predominant lifeline.

For others, it is the dominant theme of acquiring material wealth with the expectation that the more one has the happier life will be. This type of person falsely is driven by greed that demonstrates a mind filled with a void of protection or security that can never be met, or a driven internalization of the need for power. The inner quest for wealth, for these types of people, suggests that great wealth equals a greater sense of self-worth.

The Eternal Goal
In each of the above examples of hidden or obvious personal driven goals, whether you outwardly recognize them or not, there is an element that is glaringly missing. This element is not that which has not been spoken about or referenced previously. This element transcends each and every element of an earthly existence that once understood and embraced reduces all other earthly concerns void or worthless.

As Rick Warren stated so clearly, “Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.”

As well, think about this: life without purpose pales over death. Life without purpose is an never ending circle of attempting to run down that which can satisfy the inner need for peace and purpose. Your ultimate purpose in life is not what your profession is, not what you have amassed in possessions but what you are created to do by God.

“You weren’t put on earth to be remembered. You were put here to prepare for eternity.” Rick Warren.

To have a purpose in life that fulfills the calling of God means that it’s not about you; it’s manifestly about the purpose God has called you for. Part of this calling is to ask God to be your coach, your life giving force that transcends earthly desires.

Do you need a life coach? Yes, you do; we all do. There is no better, more loving than God, The Father!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Know when things get tough that all things work out for the best of them who know and love Him. Know that God is in charge.” Michael Caputo

“God’s purpose is to conform us to the image of His Son (Rom. 8: 29).” Erwin W. Lutzer

“We can’t enjoy what God has promised us in Christ – forgiveness, a new life here on earth, and eternal life with him someday in heaven – unless we respond to his offer.” Matt Eachus

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