The Trap Within

The Trap Within


You probably are all very familiar with a mousetrap, what it is used for, and how to use it. At the same time, there are several different kinds of mousetraps available on the market, but one mousetrap is different than the rest but many people discover it over and over again.

This is a story of such a mousetrap that continues to trap over and over again as if it was on autopilot with no need for any commands or directions.

Such Was The Case of Bobbie
He used to think that he was pretty smart; he’d taken all the special degrees and courses he could take and once finished, thought he had it made. Little did he know, that he was in for a big surprise.

Bobbie continued to advance in his chosen area so much so that many others became quite jealous of his success. But, to Bobbie, he felt as if life was passing him by.

Some of his best friends, who had not finished all the advanced courses he had, began to excel so much so that they far outstripped Bobbie. Bobbie knew all about their success, and started to feel that he had made a huge mistake.

But, Bobbie had taken some of his rich spoils and built a nest for him and his partner and spent more of their gains on other items that were thought to represent the pinnacle of success.

So, one day, Bobbie decided that he wanted to have more, to be more, but, on his way to declare his intentions to the world, he got trapped.

The Trap Had Sprung
At first he didn’t realize that the trap had sprung and the reason he didn’t . . . . . . .

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