Thomas Edison Mistake Quotes

Thomas Edison Mistake Quotes


Imagine failing over and over again.How would you feel? Would you continue? What would your attitude be?

One Person Who Failed Many Times
There is one person who failed many times, yet he went on to invent the light bulb.

That Person?
Thomas Edison. The following quote tells why Mr. Edison failed but in the end was very successful: “Results! Why man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won’t work.”

Do You Give Up
Many of us give up when we fail. We allow an attitude of defeat to take over. Over the years whenever I failed or made a mistake, I always thought of Thomas Edison, of his achievements but more so of his attitude.

It isn’t an easy thing to keep confronting failure after failure and keep going. For most of us, a few attempts and we tend to give up and either move on to something else, or just plain give up ever trying anything new again and simply carry on as we have always done. But, have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had just tried one more time, or two more times?

Sometimes, we are so close to reach that goal that it pains me to say that giving up was the very last thing you should have done. It isn’t that you didn’t want to succeed, but you didn’t want to succeed bad enough. Edison could have easily given up at the one hundredth try and probably no one would have called him a quitter. But, he carried on and on and on to over one thousand tries – now, that is what I call true perseverance.

Can You Say The Same?
Quitting before you should is one of the greatest faults that a lot of us must overcome. Sure it is difficult to continue with failure hounding at your doorstep. But, when you really want something bad, I mean really bad, there are no obstacles that should be able to keep you down. It is a matter of finding that solution to the issue without thinking that failure is just around the corner. It is much more beneficial to say that success is just around the corner.

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