Sunny Days

Sunny Days


Here in Canada, the month of August has brought rainy weather. Usually, August is a month of warm weather and sunshine, but we have had an unusually wet month.

Some of you may be aware that we sell our handcrafted jewelry and inspirational products to the cruise ship passengers that dock in Saint John, NB.

This past Saturday we had a ship dock and the rain was coming down. I felt bad for the passengers who were on vacation in our rainy city.

Too Bad It Is Raining
I had one woman in our booth and I said to her, “It’s too bad it is raining. It would have been nicer if the sun was shining for you.” Her response to me was, “It’s okay, I am enjoying the day. If I waited only for the sunny days to enjoy life, I would miss out on some great days.”

The Response That Made Me Think
Her response made me think of how often we do wait for that one thing that we think will make us happier.
-when we make more money
-when we own our own home
-when we start that new job
-when the weekend comes, etc.

We need to live each day and enjoy it. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have dreams and goals. What I am saying, though, is that we need to remind ourselves that everyday is meant to be lived.

It Is All In How We Look At Life
Far too many people start their day off moaning about this and that and hating the fact that they have to leave their home and go to work despising the drive time. If this is how you start your day, do not expect much more than that which you have already conditioned your mind to see and receive.

On the other hand, when you get up and realize that you have a good roof over your head and can go out to the kitchen and make tea or coffee and appreciate the fact that you do have a job where thousands of others would gladly change places with you, you start the day on a totally different foot.

When you start out on a positive note, it is much easier to have a good day without all those negative thoughts and emotions clouding your perceptions.

When you arrive at work, it is also easier to be friendly by saying hello and smiling to your colleagues than to frown and be in a bad mood. If you let a bad mood settle in on your day, you probably should have just stayed at home with the dog, or buried under the covers because you are no more than another complainer and sour disposed person that everyone else has to contend with. If you are in a bad mood because you have to go to a job you hate, you know what to do – get another one that better fits what you want to do to make a living. Be happy in what you do for you are going to be spending a huge amount of hours there over a working lifetime.

“What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.”

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Your choosing to feel happy is the only way to get there. And you can choose that at any time!” Jeannette Maw

“I should be happy with what I have but believing that something better will arrive.” Alberlin Torres

“I alone am responsible for what happens in my life!” Andreas Boskugel

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