Can We Make A Rainbow

Can We Make A Rainbow

A thought about children and how their innocent view of the world allows them to think of possiblities.

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My niece works in a daycare mostly with three-year olds and she related this story to me a few days ago. It was her intention to teach her little ones all about making ice. So, she got an ice cube tray and filled it with water. Then, she asked the children, three-year olds, what would happen if she put her tray of water in the freezer?

Surprising Responses
The responses were cute and surprising. One said it would turn out to be spaghetti while another thought it would be ice cream. Of course, all the responses were incorrect, so she thought she would try something a little different. She took some food coloring and added a different color to some of the individual cubes in the ice tray and put in back in the fridge. After a few hours, she returned with her little group and took out the frozen tray. Every child was surprised when they saw all the different colors.

Then she asked them what would happen to all the colors in the tray if she left it out of the fridge. She dumped out the tray of ice cubes in a pile. The kids didn’t know what would happen but waited with her as the ice started to melt.

As the ice melted, all the colors started to run together and each child stuck their fingers in the water now starting to understand what happened when ice melted.

A Couple of Days Later
A couple of days later, one of the children called her over to the window. It had been raining but now the sky was clearing. The child wanted her to look in the sky. She went over to the window and saw what the child was pointing to – it was a rainbow. The child looked up at her and said, “That looks like the ice cubes melting – can we make one of those?”

What Could You Do
If no one told you that you couldn’t do something, would you not try? The little child’s desire to make a rainbow is much the same as many aspects of life.

Unfortunately, we are all to often conditioned by family, friends, peers and other significant people we come to know that we can’t do one thing or another. It is obvious that we are not talking about committing something that is seen as a crime. We are talking, instead, about how many times we are told we can’t do something because we do not have the training, background, or perceived talent.

One of the absolutely worst mistakes one can make is to listen to people who tell you that you could not possibly do something you really have an interest in. Some of these people do not have the background to tell you anything substantial or meaningful because they, themselves, have no desire to do other than what they are doing now. Part of the reason is that they would prefer to stay in what is familiar because it is simply comfortable and does not take any initiative or drive. Their world consists of living for the finish of each day rather than be satisfied with their contribution to whatever they chose to work at. Their reward is not satisfaction from a job well done but is the time in front of their TV, or the time spent complaining to anyone who will listen about how hard their life is and the poor bosses they work for.

Can You Make A Rainbow
Can you make a rainbow? Well, maybe not but there are a lot of other things you can do with your talents if you believe that you can despite what others may have discouraged you from doing. I always remember my high school principal telling me that I wouldn’t be able to make much of my life seeing that I had not done that well in my graduating year. I chose not to believe him – I knew I could do anything I put my mind to and that is exactly what I did.

Do not listen to nay-sayers, or those who may be envious or jealous of your intentions. See the possibilities. The world belongs to the doers not the nay-sayers.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“I wonder if we might learn this from the children: ‘You are more than you think you are. There are dimensions of your being and a potential for realization and consciousness that are not included in your concept of yourself. Your life is much deeper and broader than you conceive it to be here.'” Rachel Toalson

“Mistakes are inevitable; as long as we live, we will always reflect on things that we could have done better.” Pierre Thompson

“Be grateful for the precious gift of life with its limitless possibilities.” Wilferd Peterson

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