Wayne Dyer Quotes

Wayne Dyer Quotes

May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015
Wayne Dyer

A motivational speaker and author, Wayne Dyer has succeeded despite his challenges growing up in an orphanage and in foster homes. Dr. Wayne Dyer, has a doctorate in counseling psychotherapy, and has overcome many obstacles before reaching success. He has helped millions of people through his motivational speeches and through many of his books.

“Your imagination, just like your body, grows through exercise.”
Wayne Dyer
Imagination   |  

My children have always been great inspiration for me, and great teachers, and keep me very close to the ground and very humble.
Wayne Dyer, In Spirit: Living a Life Without Bounds
Children   |  

You put your intention and your attention on what it is that you want to shift and change.
Wayne Dyer, In Spirit: Living a Life Without Bounds
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In essence, when you finally come to know and understand the world of spirit on an intimate basis, you will see clearly that all problems are illusions in that they are concocted by our minds because we have come to believe that we are separate from our source, which I call God, but you can label it any way that you prefer.
Wayne Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
Problem   |  

On the other hand, if you believe in happiness and abundance, think only about them, talk about them with others, and act on your belief in them, it is a very good bet that you are seeing what you believe.
Wayne Dyer, You’ll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation
Happy   |  

The power of intention is the power of love and receptivity. It asks nothing of anyone, it judges no one, and it encourages others to be free to be themselves.
Wayne Dyer, The Invisible Force
Love   |  

You can learn to go way beyond believing and goal setting, to a new place within yourself: the place of knowing. It is in this realm of your mind that miracles are produced.
Wayne Dyer, Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life
Miracle   |  

If you are candid, you will discover that each experience in your life was absolutely necessary in order to have gotten you to the next place, and the next, up until this very moment.
Wayne Dyer, Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life
Experience   |  

People driven by intention are described as having a strong will that won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving their inner desire.
Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way
Achievement   |  

A special kind of freedom is available to you if you are willing to take the risks involved in getting it: the freedom to wander where you will about life’s terrain, to make all your own choices.
Wayne W. Dyer, Pulling Your Own Strings: Dynamic Techniques for Dealing with Other People and Living Your Life As You Choose
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There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t think about God. More than thinking, I experience the presence of God in most of my waking moments.
Wayne Dyer, 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace
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Getting in balance is not so much about adopting new strategies to change your behaviors, as it is about realigning yourself in all of your thoughts so as to create a balance between what you desire and how you conduct your life on a daily basis.
Wayne Dyer, Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires
Balance   |  

Change is tough. If you’re like most people, every fiber of your being will resist having to take on the hard work of eliminating the thoughts that support your self-forfeiting feelings and behavior.
Wayne Dyer, Your Erroneous Zones: Step-by-Step Advice for Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking and Taking Control of Your Life
Change   |  

As you awaken to your divine nature, you’ll begin to appreciate beauty in everything you see, touch, and experience.
Wayne Dyer, The Invisible Force
Beauty   |  

The freest people in the world are those who have senses of inner peace about themselves: They simply refuse to be swayed by the whims of others, and are quietly effective at running their own lives.
Wayne Dyer, Pulling Your Own Strings: Dynamic Techniques for Dealing with Other People and Living Your Life As You Choose
Peace   |  

Can you imagine what a pessimist who lived only 200 years ago would think about the world we live in? Airplanes, electricity, automobiles, television, remote controls, the Internet, fax machines, telephones, cellular phones, and so on – and all available to us because of that spark of open-mindedness that allowed progress, growth, and creativity to flourish.
Wayne Dyer, 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace
Optimistic   |  

“Do not think about finishing a project, or about how overwhelming the task may seem. Do nothing more than begin, by seizing this minute.”
Wayne Dyer
New Beginnings   |  

“Did you ever notice how difficult it is to argue with someone who is not obsessed with being right?”
Wayne Dyer
Wise Quotes   |  

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”
Wayne Dyer
Quotes about the Future   |  

“A non-doer is very often a critic-that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It’s easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change.”
Wayne Dyer
Effort   |  

“You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being, not because anybody says so, not because you’re successful, not because you make a lot of money, but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.”
Wayne Dyer
Believe   |  

“Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.”
Wayne Dyer
Challenges   |  

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”
Wayne Dyer
Happiness   |  

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”
Wayne Dyer
Choice   |  

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
Wayne Dyer
A Gift of Value   |  

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.”
Wayne Dyer
Positive Thinking   |  

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place we must find.”
Wayne Dyer
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