Wings for Goals a goal in itself

Wings for Goals a goal in itself


After I wrote my first book, Wings of Wisdom, I had many people ask me how I did it. I would reply, “I set a goal.” Many of them looked at me strangely after I had said that. “What do you mean,” they would say. I would then give them a step-by-step description of how I did it. I told this over and over, and one day I thought well not write a book about it. Obviously there was a need. And looking at people who were discouraged but didn’t seem to know what direction to go in gave me the inspiration. If I could teach one person, make a positive difference in their life then my life goal of helping others would be one step closer.

I Was Looking For the “How”
I had read many books on goal setting; I had implemented bits and pieces of each of these books in my life. Some of the books went on and on; they would make your eyes glaze over! When I was looking for information I wanted concise information on how to do it. I didn’t want all the “ifs, ands, and buts”; I was looking for the how to do it and why you should do it this way – the best way to find information on the achievement of goals.

So, I decided to write my second book, Wings for Goals (which was a goal in it self). I wanted a book that was short and sweet; one that was to the point about goal setting. So, of course, I set my goal and started to write the book, Wings for Goals. My hopes were that this book would help people, there is a saying if you “ love what you do” then you life will be happier.

Goals Changed My Life
I can honestly say that setting goals has changed my life. I have accomplished things in my life by setting goals that I previously only dreamed about. Goals do work. Many times I have set goals that seemed overwhelming but once I broke them down I could see that they were possible. And like the old saying, you can only move a mountain one rock at a time, that is how I looked at these goals and it worked – I was able to achieved what at one time seemed very overwhelming.

There is a saying, “you have a gold mine, when you have a goal mind”. And, it is true. Of course, you can put your pen to paper, write down your goals, but the most important thing is to take action and complete each step of your goal. So many people say, “yes I have goals” but they do not take the time to complete the process. Actions do speak louder than words, and by taking the actions to achieve your goals will result in success. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.”

Your Attitude Can Make The Difference
And we all face challenges as we work towards our goal. But the difference is how badly you want to accomplish the goal. If you have a true passion and a determination then you will find a way to overcome the challenge.

Be Flexible
And lastly, goals are not written in stone. If you don’t make your deadline or your plans change, then change your goals. But, do not stop, revise the timeframes. I frequently use the quote, “Back up and reload.” This is much better than just quitting or admitting defeat.

Your goals will be a journey, and you will see accomplishments, and one goal will lead to another! By setting goals and taking action, you will accomplish more in a year than most people accomplish in a lifetime! Do not limit yourself, set your goals, take the action, and lead the life you perhaps once only dreamed of.

In my opinion one of the most important things about having goals is that they will help you focus on what you want in your life!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” W. Clement Stone

“Accomplishments will prove to be a journey, not a destination.” Dwight Eisenhower

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. A goal is what specifically you intend to make happen. Dreams and goals should be just out of your present reach but not out of sight. Dreams and goals are coming attractions in your life.” Joseph Campbell

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