Wolf Qualities

Wolf Qualities


There is something that appeals to me about the characteristics of a wolf. Do you think that strange? Let me explain.

Wolves Are Unique Animals
What is unique about them is that they mate for life, play on a daily basis with each other, and look after any sick members of the pack.

These special qualities reminded recently of a couple of people that I know who fit well into these qualities.

The people, of whom I speak, are often discounted by many of their friends of being way out there – they do not conform to the usual trappings of their friends, nor do they follow the beat of the drum that is prominent.

They dance to their own tune, and always find ways to engage in friendly banter, teasing each other in playful ways, and coming out of each with even more vitality than they started with.

A Story That Relates
Such was a day several years ago when the laundry needed to be done. While one was busy filling the wash machine, then taking the clean clothes out to be hung on the line to dry, the other was busy planning the next frivolous escapade.

Since the clothesline was right below a second story window, it only seemed natural to use this window as a mechanism to wreak havoc below.

So, as it was with many a day, one person, the male, got a bucket full of cold water, carried it to the second floor window, and proceeded to dump the entire bucket of water over his wife below who was totally oblivious to the cascading water until it hit her square in the head totally drenching her.

If your only could imagine what happened next would be food for a great sitcom but let me just say this: . . . . . .

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