20 Old Friends Quotes: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Welcome to our carefully curated selection of quotes that pay tribute to the enduring bond of Old Friends. We invite you to delve into this collection, share with your cherished longtime companion, and bask in the familiar warmth that old friendships bring.

An old friend represents a unique connection that doesn’t dim with time or distance. It’s like meeting someone you haven’t seen in ages and realizing that, inexplicably, it feels as though only moments have passed since your last encounter. This person serves as our rock during stormy weather, someone who understands our complexities and possesses the uncanny ability to soothe our troubled minds. Old friendships are valuable treasures that withstand the rough tides of time and challenging periods of life.

The shared memories between you and your old friend are like sparkling diamonds — eternally radiant, never losing their luster. With these time-honored comrades, you can either engage in endless chatter or find comfort in shared silence.

In the company of old friends, there’s an implicit permission to be authentically ourselves, free from pretense or fear of judgment. So, no matter where life’s currents take you, having these longstanding confidants on speed dial is a blessing that deserves to be cherished. Remember, your old friends are priceless gifts — treasure them!

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Old Friend Quotes

Published by: Ben Gillison

Old friends don’t only know the real you, they prefer it.
Martha Bolton, Didn’t My Skin Used to Fit?
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Old friends are like old habits. There comes a point where it doesn’t matter any more whether you like them, they’re what you’ve got.
Peter Wolfe, Simon Gray Unbound: The Journey of a Dramatist
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Old friends are like old sneakers — always comfortable.
Djamel Ouis, Humorous Wit

New friends are fine but old friends are like gold and new friends are like silver, the old friends are more precious so remember never lose contact.
R. Alexander Brown, Up from Harlem: A Pictorial Autobiography

Old friends are like extra memory banks, amplifying and augmenting our own ability to recall the past.
Craig Nagel, A Sense of Wonder: More Moments from an Ordinary Life
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Old friends are like wine — they grow much sweeter and more valuable as they get older. And they are irreplaceable.
Ron Hale-Evans, Performance Hacks: Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain

Old friends are like shadows, they’re beside you if you fall. Then gently ease you up again and they’re the best of all.
Beth Scott, ‎JE James, Illustrator, rhythmic Rhymes of Remembrance
True Friendship

Old friends are like old memories, with sweet tales of our young days.
Robin Soo, China Unicorn Memoirs
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An old friend will not hesitate to tell you when you are in the wrong and help you to live up to your true and better self.
Daniel Crump Buchanan, Japanese Proverbs and Sayings

We meet an old friend and relish laughing about endearing times we have spent together.
Diana Lobel, Philosophies of Happiness

This is the magic of talking to an old friend. It is the tonic that will cure the melancholic heart because at least for a while, the present becomes insignificant and unimportant.
Mukhriz Izraf Azman Aziz, Treasury of Moral Values
Follow Your Heart

When put to the test, old friends are best.
Wolfgang Mieder, Dictionary of American Proverbs
Best Friend

Old friends are like old records, songs and photo albums. You don’t go to them every day. However, once in a while, you do enjoy listening and looking at them over a drink.
Satish C. Bhatnagar, Epsilons and Deltas of Life

Old friends remind us of who we were and who we wanted to be.
Miriam Goodman, Reinventing Retirement

If anything, old friends are like the beating of your heart. You don’t always count each beat, and you often take it for granted, But without it…
Bethany Turner, Plot Twist
Love And Friendship

Old friends are reminders of old journeys; they keep us grounded in the soil of our yesterdays while urging us on into tomorrow.
Anne Rowthorn, The Liberation of the Laity

Old friends, like parents, remember embarrassing things from your past.
Soo-Inn Tan, Thinking on the Run

Old friends, like family, are a valuable asset. You have a shared past as well as affection, trust, and understanding.
Philip Selby, Live Better, Live Longer

May old friends never be forgotten for new ones. May friendship be enlivened by good-humour, but never wounded by wit. May the difference of opinion never divide friends.
Quaver, The Quaver; or, Songster’s pocket companion

Old tunes are sweetest, and old friends are surest.
Claud Halcro
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