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          ...friendship is not a noun. Friendship is a verb, a process,
 an art.
Kyler Shumway
Look for opportunities in
every change in your life.
Meir Liraz
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When we are at our lowest.... this is when God is most
ever present.

Ralene Berry
There are no traffic jams
along the extra mile.

Roger Staubach
True friendship is effortless.
A hero is someone who has given his
 or her life to something bigger
 than oneself.

Joseph Campbell
I believe that one of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk.
Oprah Winfrey
Goals give you direction.
Sean Lysaght
To become truly great, one
has to stand with people,
not above them.

Charles DeMontesquieu
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God created you for a purpose. Greatness is destined for
your life.
Carl Mathis
Life is uncharted territory. It reveals
 its story one moment at a time.
Leo F. Buscaglia
Life's a tough proposition but the first hundred years are the hardest.
WWilson Mizner
After all, what we pursue is
 our passion in life!
Jill Austin
Who would enjoy a life of no runs,
no hits, no errors?

Hans Selye
A true friendship is a journey without an end.
Author Unknown
If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?
Jerry Seinfeld
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Pray with love and trust that God always answers prayers.
Oliver Powell
By chance alone we do not
live our lives.
If your life isn't going how
you want it to, then change it.
Josie Cluney
Friendship flourishes at the
 fountain of forgiveness.
William Arthur Ward
Persist while others are quitting.
WWilliam Arthur Ward
Focused will is incredible.
Life can put beauty in the things that you see.
Author Unknown
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I have lived to thank God
that not all my prayers have
 been answered.
Jean Ingelow
The secret to life is to love
who you are - warts and all.
David DeNotaris
TThe better part of one's life consists
 of one's friendships.
Abraham Lincoln
People that keep stiff upper lips
 find that it's hard to smile.
Judith Guest
In giving your love, you brighten someone else’s life.
 Vishnu's Virtues
Your life is your message.
For stop being a critic, you must first start looking at positive and beautiful things around you.
Marvin Ryan
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